Transmit - Highly reliable TX outputs 
high-quality TX signal.

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Highly reliable TX outputs high-quality TX signal.

Highly reliable design guarantees stable operation

■Heavy-duty design

A pair of 60 x 60 mm fans have been used for the cooling system, which provides sufficient air flow at low rpm for less noise. Attention has been paid not only to the fans and motors but also to the size and shape of the intake/exhaust vents as a comprehensive approach to quieter operation. The aluminum die-cast chassis is combined with a large heat sink to effectively dissipate heat, minimizing the rise in temperature in the final section during continuous transmission sessions. This heavy-duty design is capable of withstanding grueling conditions typical of contests or long hours of hard operation.

■Built-in high-speed automatic antenna tuner

The built-in preset-type automatic antenna tuner covers amateur bands in the 160~6m band range and can operate when the transceiver is receiving. Highspeed operation and the proven relay method enable rapid QSY through instantaneous band changing.

■Drive output (including 135 kHz band)

The transceiver comes equipped with a drive output (DRV) connector that enables external access to the transmission drive output (approx. 0 dBm). This is not just convenient when a transverter is attached; this DRV connector can also be put to use for transmission on the 135 kHz band, for which the main antenna terminal cannot be used. Performance can be further enhanced when combined with a dedicated reception antenna connector.

■Antenna output function (shared with DRV connector)

Switching the drive output (DRV) connector to the external receiver antenna output function in the menu settings enables output of the signal allocated by the antenna.

Note: ●When you use the Antenna output function, due to losses in the splitter, the receive sensitivity and gain decrease by approximately 3 dB. ●During transmission, the Drive output will leak a little through internal isolation (-20dBm or less). ●The ON/OFF status of the Antenna output function is stored separately in the 50MHz band and HF band.

■Speech processor (SSB/AM/FM)

The speech processor increases the clarity of messages for the receiving station by raising average transmission modulation. Besides adjusting compression level, soft and hard modes are available for 2-level adjustment. Compression levels can be set for each of mic transmission and voice-message transmission.

■Band-adjustable TX filter (SSB/AM)

The TX filter passband is switchable. Low-pass and high-pass cut-offs can be switched independently for fine control over filter operation.

■TX equalizer (SSB/AM/FM for each mode)

The equalizer enables the adjustment of frequency characteristics to suit the voice quality and microphone characteristics on the transmitting end. Users can choose from flat (default), high boost (2 types), Formant pass, and bass boost (2 types), as well as conventional and user settings (using the ARCP-590G).

■TX monitor

The transmission monitor function outputs transmission audio via the speaker in 20 steps, allowing you to check sound quality.

■Other TX features

●VOX function (adjustable gain, selectable delay time) ●Adjustable TX power output ●Adjustable MIC gain ●Adjustable CAR level