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Environmentally friendly recharging
  • 100W maximum high-output power generation
  • High efficiency with a 23% energy conversion rate
  • Lightweight, foldable design for easy portability
  • USB ports (Type-A/Type-C™) for direct charging
  • Self-supporting folding stand

High-output Power Generation

Featuring side-by-side solar panels with an industry-leading 23% conversion rate, delivering a powerful 100W output

Foldable for Easy Transport and Small Footprint

Charge outdoors or on the go with solar power where outlets aren't available. Compact and foldable for easy portability and minimal storage space.

Direct Charge Available

Equipped with 1 x USB-C port and 1 x USB-A port for direct power supply to smartphones, etc. Both outputs can be utilized simultaneously..

Self standing Design

Setting up is easy: simply unfold the panels, assemble the self-supporting folding stand, and adjust the angle. Its compact folding design ensures minimal space usage, even when stored in your car.

Eco-friendly solution for reducing environmental impact
and fostering sustainability.

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Cell Type Monocrystaline Silicon Cell
Maximum Output 100W
Conversion Efficiency 23%
Rated Voltage 18V DC
Rated Current 5.55A
Open-circuit Voltage 21.6V DC
Short-circuit Current 6.1A
USB Output USB Type-A 5V DC 12W x 1 *
USB Type-C™ 5V DC 15W x 1 *
Operating Temperature -10°C to 65°C (14°F to 149°F)
Storage Dimensions(WxHxD)** 625x540x40mm / 24.6x21.3x1.6inch
Dimensions(WxHxD)** 1250x540x20mm / 49.2x21.3x0.8inch
Length of Connection Cable 3m / 118inch
Weight 4.0kg / 8.8lb

* The maximum output of two ports total
** Without protrusions

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