CW&Others -Diverse functions supporting CW operation.
Comfortable CW support.

  • Receiver
  • Transmit
  • Control
  • CW & Others
  • Front/Rear Panel

Diverse functions supporting CW operation.

Comfortable CW support

■Morse code decoder function

Received morse code displayable by scrolling on 13-segment display unit. Characters are shown in a dedicated window on the ARCP-590G.

Note: Proper decoding may not be available due to reception conditions, etc.

■CW auto-tune

You can automatically zero-in on a target signal during reception in CW operation with just the press of a button. This function will also tune in to the RIT frequency during RIT operation.

■2 key terminals on rear panel

An electronic keyer (built-in) paddle terminal and a separate terminal for an external keyer have been included.PC keying is possible even when a paddle is connected.

■Other CW features

  • ●Support for full break-in and semi break-in
    (semi break-in delay time: 50ms~1000ms)
  • ●Pitch control (300~1000Hz)
  • ●Side tone monitor with 20-step volume control
  • ●Electronic keyer
    (selectable key speed, A/B modes)
  • ●Memory keyer
    (max. 4-channel message memory)
  • ●Microphone paddle mode
  • ●CW reverse mode
  • ●CW auto transmit function, in which a simple key-press will switch automatically to CW in SSB mode

Other features

  • <RX>
    • ●ATT, pre-amp
    • ●RF gain adjust
    • ●AF gain
    • ●SQL level set
  • <FSK>
    • ●Basic RTTY operation settings (keying polarity, shift width, high / low tones, reverse mode
  • <FM>
    • ●FM Wide /Narrow switching for transmission / reception
    • ●Repeater subtone
    • ●FM signaling (CTCSS, cross-tone)
  • <DATA>
    • ●SSB-DATA /FM-DATA /AM-DATA transmission mode-compatible. Transmission output settings and transmission sound source (front /rear) selectable for data transmission.
    • ●Variable DATA modulation /demodulation level
    • ●Selectable DATA modulation line (ACC2 / USB)
    • ●DATA VOX
  • <Accessory connectors>
    • ●ACC2 connector for DATA communication
    • ●Remote connector compatible with linear amp control (built-in vacuum tube linear amp control relay, selectable transmission attack delay)
  • <External connectivity>
    • ●Compatible with external antenna tuner (AT-300*)
    • ●DX Packet Cluster tune (when connected to TM-D710A /TM-D710GA / TH-D72A)
  • <Other>
    • ●Power-on message (message of up to 8 alphanumeric characters can be input for display when power is switched on)
    • ●Split data transfer using COM port
    • ●Firmware updates
    • ●Adjustable long-keypress timing

*Discontinued product