SPL Series

are Designed for Massive, Strong and High Sound Pressure Level


200mm High Power Mid Range


170mm High Power Mid Range


42mm Compression Tweeter

Mounting Depth

42.6mm of mounting depth supports a general door panel installation baffle / bracket (KFC-SPL1NEO).

Copper Cap

The copper cap creates a magnetic field in the opposite direction to the magnetic field created by the voice coil, reducing the inductance when the voice coil is inside the magnetic circuit.

Non-Press Cone

There is a weak point that the diaphragm becomes weaker when the weight is reduced. As a countermeasure, a non-press cone that does not press during paper making has been adopted.

Size 200mm 170mm 42mm
PEAK Power 450W 450W 120W
RMS Power 150W 150W 40W
Freqeuncy Response 80Hz - 12kHz 80Hz - 12kHz 3kHz - 20kHz
Mounting Depth 79mm 62.5mm 42.6mm