Features & Functions

Knowing that you have the right solution means understanding such issues as the basic differences between NXDN and DMR, which trunking system suits your organization, and the smart way to manage batteries. Look no further than this straightforward guide.


Here you will find information on the features and functions offered by KENWOOD radios, including clear explanations of the different digital protocols – NXDN, DMR and P25 – so you can decide which is the best solution for your communications requirements.

Facilitating Operations

KENWOOD radios are equipped with an expertly configured set of features to ensure that each individual user can concentrate on the job in hand while enjoying effortless communications.

Features to Facilitating Operations

Facilitating Administration

Advanced management functions play an increasingly vital role in ensuring optimum connections and seamless communications for all individuals/groups while constantly updating their operating status.

Features to Facilitating Administration

Facilitating Expansion

Inherent system flexibility and scalability provide you with the confidence to be able to grow and establish multi-site networks with enhanced capacity to meet the challenges of the future.

Features to Facilitating Expansion

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