Front / Rear Panel

  • Main Receiver
  • Sub Receiver
  • Triple DSP
  • Transmit
  • Dual display
  • Control
  • Front/Rear Panel
  • Movie

Front Panel/Back Panel

Front Panel
① Headphone Jack (φ6.3 mm)
② Paddle Keyer(φ6.3mm)
③ USB Connector (USB-A):USB Memory, USB Keyboard
④ Microphone Jack (8 Pin Metal Type)

Back Panel
① Antenna Connector×4
② RX IN Connector (RCA): Receive Only Antenna Terminal
③ RX OUT Connector (RCA): External Receiver Connection Terminal
④ Key Jack(φ6.3mm):For Paddle, Straight Key, and PC Keying
⑤ ACC2 Connector (13 Pin DIN): Audio I/O and Other Accessories Connection
⑥ Remote Connector (7 Pin DIN): Linear Amplifier Connection
⑦ Meter Jack(φ3.5mm):Analog Meter Connection
⑧ Drive Connector (RCA):Drive Output
⑨ Ground Terminal
⑩ Standard External I/O Terminal (BNC): 10 MHz
⑪ AC Power Supply Connector (3 Pin)
⑫ AT Connector (6 Pin): External Antenna Tuner Connection
⑬ Keypad Jack(φ3.5mm): Function Key Pad Connection
⑭ COM Connector (D-SUB 9 Pin): RS-232C
⑮ Optical Connector Input Terminal (EIAJ Optical)
⑯ Optical Connector Output Terminal (EIAJ Optical)
⑰ External Speaker Jack 1(φ3.5mm)
⑱ External Speaker Jack 2(φ3.5mm)
⑲ USB Connector (USB-B):PC Control, USB Audio
⑳ Display Connector (DVI-I): External Display Connection Terminal
㉑ LAN Connector (RJ-45): PC Control, Time Correction (NTP)