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KENWOOD's Amateur Radio Product Registration

KENWOOD has developed a new site for Amateur Radio Product registration.
New features include:

  • Your own personalized and secure account
  • Register all of your KENWOOD Amateur Radio products in one place
  • Easily retrieve your registration data
  • Opt-in to receive important product E-mail updates

If you have already registered your KENWOOD Radio on-line you do not need to re-register your KENWOOD product, we have kept those registrations. However, your previous registrations may not be linked to your new personalized account, you may make a request to have this done by providing sufficient information to allow us to verify your identity and ownership of the registrations. If we can not fully verify ownership of the registration you may be advised to re-register the product at that time.

Click Here to register your KENWOOD Amateur Radio!

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Amateur Radio Customer Support

(310) 639-4200 Option: 4, Option: 1
HOURS: 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. PST

Or email to:

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Amateur Radio Software

Are you looking for software?

CLICK HERE to Download Amateur Radio products software and support files not listed below.

*Following Memory Control Programs are released for USA market only.

Software (Data file extension) Download Notes
TM-G707A (USA model) MCP-G707 PG-4S (programming cable for the TM-V7A/G707A) is only available in USA market.
TM-V7A (USA model) MCP-V7
TH-G71A (USA model) MCP-G71 PG-4P (programming cable for the TH-G71A) is no longer available but PG-4Y can be used instead.
RCP-570 (USA model) RCP-570 Radio Control Software Self extracting installation file, no floppies required.

The MCP-2A cannot read data from nor write data to above transceivers directly.

DTMF memory or other menu data is not retrieved from above data files to the MCP-2A.
(The MCP-2A retrieves only memory channel frequency data)

Amateur Radio Downloads

Product Name Description Released Date File Download File Size {KB}