17cm Component Speaker


(1) 170mm Wide Etched PP Woofer Cone creates solid bass sound by avoiding deformation of diaphragm

(2) Convex Shape PP+Mica+Carbon Cap enhances mid-range performance.

(3) Audiophile grade External Network Box
using hi-quality crossover film capacitors and inductors Tweeter High Pass Filter : -12dB/oct.

(4) Swivel Type 25mm soft dome Tweeter Able to adjust the direction after installation

Speaker Tech-Spec KFC-PS170C
Peak Input Power 400W
RMS Input Power 80W
Size 17cm
Tweeter Design Soft Dome
Tweeter Magnet Composition Neodymium
Woofer Magnet Composition Ferrite
Nominal Impedance 4ohms
Frequency Response 58Hz - 22kHz
Sensitivity (dB/W at 1m) 86dB
Mounting Depth 56mm


16cm 2Way Speaker

Speaker Tech-Spec KFC-PS1696
Peak Input Power 320W
RMS Input Power 100W
Size 16cm 2Way
Tweeter Design Balanced Dome
Tweeter Magnet Composition Neodynium
Woofer Magnet Composition Ferrite
Nominal Impedance 4ohms
Frequency Response 75Hz–24kHz
Sensitivity (dB/W at 1m) 88dB
Mounting Depth 48mm

Diamond Array Pattern Woofer Cone

enhances sound and reduces distortion.

Sound Field Enhancer

The unique shape of the tweeter creates strong frontward sound as well as a wider sound field in 5kHz and upper frequencies.

Acoustic Sound Harmonizer

harmonizes different sounds from the woofer and tweeter and reproduces a natural sound.

Factory Location Fit

The tweeter height is designed as low as possible, and the speaker units can fit within most of the spaces for factory speakers.

1. Black-painted Woofer Yoke Plate

efficiently releases heat inside the magneticcircuit and prevents the temperature of the voice coil from rising, resulting in improved durability.

2. New Shape of Woofer Damper

minimizes mechanical stress and makes the sound response smoother.



30cm Subwoofer


Durability Enhancement

Heat-resistant Alminum Bobbin provides higher thermal conductivity.

Stress Controlled Spider

Computer-optimized Dumper controls stress and increase mechanical durability.

Subwoofer Tech-Spec KFC-PS3017W
Peak Input Power 2000W
RMS Input Power 400W
Size 30cm
Woofer Magnet Composition Ferrite
Nominal Impedance 4ohms
Frequency Response 29Hz–300Hz
Sensitivity (dB/W at 1m) 85dB
Mounting Depth 137mm

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