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Audiophile Grade.

Ultra high grade range amplifiers and speakers that deliver high density realistic sound and a spatial sound impression. The new 5ch, 4ch amplifiers and KFC-XS1703 (17cm Component Speaker) are precisely designed for high-resolution audio to create a truly authentic listening experience with every detail and nuance.

X Series.


Hi-Res Audio, short for high-resolution audio, is high-quality sound that far exceeds CD standards. With increased expressive power, the delicate details from the ultra-high to low frequencies can be reproduced. You’ll experience the deep impression as if you were in a concert hall.

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Pure Performance.

Integrates pure performance and excellence, continuing to uphold Kenwood’s philosophy of delivering super-live sound experience.

PS Series.


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Stage Sound.

If you’re looking for an easy solution to improve the sound quality while you drive, the new S series are ideal for their ease of installation. The S series will provide hi-quality “stage” sound and enhance your driving experience.

S Series.



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