Overwhelmingly the highest quality receiver in the TS series.

The dual receivers facilitate reception on different bands.
The main receiver is the highest quality receiver among the TS-900 series, thanks to its down-conversion configuration, newly adopted mixer, and five types of roofing filters. This highest quality transceiver will show its true mettle in contests, and fierce pile-ups even with high-intensity signals.
The TS-990S will surely satisfy any real DX'er.

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An already legendary Sub-receiver supports dual reception.

Operating ease is further enhanced with the multi-scroll key. Similar to the control found on some mobile phones, this can be rocked up & down, left & right with the thumb. Vertical operation controls frequency, while horizontal movement controls band selection. There is also a 16-key pad with keys that are ergonomically spaced and illuminated for night-time use.

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Innovation spurred by digital technology has revolutionized the KENWOOD sound.

Even after using narrow bandwidth filters for long periods of time, it is still easy to hear and less tiring to listen to. In addition to introducing AGC control using dedicated DSP, we have further refined the KENWOOD sound and reception sound quality transmitted by radio operators worldwide by innovating the analog AGC unit and installing numerous interference and noise elimination functions. Such innovations have given new life to KENWOOD's legendary sound.

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Transmitter performance,featuring high-scale specifications,can withstand long periods of operation at full power.

Operating stably even when continually working over long periods of time, such as in competitions.

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Fitted with dual TFT displays for an intuitive situational awareness.

The combination of two displays, main and sub band, allows you to simultaneously monitor the target signal and the surrounding area with minimal eye movement.

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Comfortable operational performance that you can control at will.

The panel layout, familiar to KENWOOD users, allows for intuitive operation.
It's sure to win you over, increasing the accuracy of your operations and allowing you to develop greater familiarity with the equipment.

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