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KFC-1673MRWL6-1/2" 2-way 2 Speaker with Illumination

  • Peak Input Power : 260W
  • Rated Input Power : 75W
  • Water Resistant PP Cone (IPX5)
  • UV Resistant Grilles
  • Variable Color/Pattern Illumination
  • Remote Control for Illumination

Designed for Marine Use

  • ・Water-resistant PP Cone (IPX5)
  • ・Water-resistant rubber cushion adopted to prevent water intrusion of back side of the woofer.
  • ・Water-resistant coating on LED's printed circuit board.
  • ・UV resistant woofer grille and cone

Maximum 6 Pairs can be connected and synchronized


Adjustable Multi-Lighting through RF Remote Controller

  • 21 Illumination Colors
  • 21 Lightning Mode Patterns
  • 8 Brightness Adjustment
  • 8 Speed Adjustment

Included RF Remote Control – Designed for Ease of Use

  • Illuminaiton ON/OFF Key
  • Demo Mode Key
  • Lighting Mode Key
  • Speed Adjustment Key
  • Brightness Adjustment Key
  • Color Adjustment Key
  • Strap Hole

General Features

Peak Input Power 260W
Rated Input Power 75W
Woofer Features 6-1/2 inch Water Resistant PP Cone
Tweeter Features 1/2 inch Water Resistant PEI Balanced Dome
Sensitivity 86 dB/ W / m
Frequency Response 65Hz -21KHz
Cutout Diameter 144.8mm 5-11/16 inch
Mounting Depth 64.9mm 2-9/16 inch
Net Weight 1820g 4.0 lb

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SYSTEM 6-1/2 inch 2 Way Coaxial(White)
CTA Impedance 4 ohms
RMS Power 75W
Sensitivity 86 dB
Frequency Response 65Hz-21,000Hz
Peak Input Power 260 W
Woofer Size 16.0 cm 6-1/2 inch
Cone PP
Surround (Edge) Rubber
Basket (Frame) Resin Mold (Material ABS)
Cusion (Frame) Rubber
Magnet Ferrite
Tweeter Size φ13 mm 1/2 inch
Diaphragm PEI Balanced Dome
Magnet Nd
DIMENSION/WEIGHT Width (w_Gr) 182mm 7-3/16 inch
Height (w_Gr) 92.9mm 3-11/16 inch
Top Height 28mm 1-1/8 inch
Cutout Diameter 144.8mm 5-11/16 inch
Mounting Depth 64.9mm 2-9/16 inch
Net Weight 1820g 4.0 lb
ACCESSORY φ4x25mm (Bind Tapping Screw) 8pcs /SUS304 Stainless
Mounting Screw Clips 8pcs /SUS304 Stainless
Warranty Card 1pc
Instruction Manual Speaker 1pc
Instruction Manual Remote
RGB Connector Cord (3000mm) 2pcs
Remote Controller(RF) 1pc
Heat shrink tube 4pcs

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