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KFC-XP6903C6x9" + 3-1/2" Component Speaker System

  • Shallow 6x9" PP Cone Woofer
  • 3-1/2" 2way Mid-High Speaker
  • Custom fit for select Chrysler, Dodge, & Toyota
  • 6x9" Multi-Use Bracket Included

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6x9" Vehicle Specific Component Speakers

Introducing the industry’s best solution for a 6x9” door speaker and vehicle specific sized dash speaker replacement – all in one package! By pairing a set of true mid-bass 6x9” drivers with 3-1/2” speakers, solid mid-bass response along with rich mid and high frequency reproduction is delivered. Multi-brackets are included, enabling easy OEM replacement in many Chrysler, Dodge, Toyota vehicles and more!

Sound Field Enhancer

This unique shape widens the sound field and controls interference, providing a rich, direct sound through the 3-1/2" speakers.

Silk Balanced-dome Tweeter

Reproduces natural sounds, ensuring accurate and smooth high frequency response.

・Multi-Use Basket

  • Type ① (CHEVROLET)
  • Type ② (CHEVROLET)
  • Type ③ (TOYOTA)
  • Type ④ (TOYOTA)
  • Type ⑤ (TOYOTA)
  • Type ⑥ (TOYOTA)

Supported Vehicle Chart

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Car Brand Vehicle KFC-XP6903C KFC-XP6902C
Bracket Bracket
CHEVROLET Silverado ('14-present)     Type ①*
Tahoe ('15-present)     Type ①*
Camaro ('15-present)     Type ②*
CHRYSLER 200 ('15-'17) -    
300 ('11-present) -    
DODGE Avenger ('08-'14) -    
RAM ('10-present) -    
Caliber ('07-'12)     -
Caravan ('08-present) -    
Challenger ('08-present) -    
Charger ('06-present) -    
Journey ('09-present) -    
TOYOTA Tacoma ('04-'16)     Type ③
Tundra ('07-present)     Type ③
Sequoia ('08-present)     Type ③
FJ Cruiser ('06-'18)     Type ③
4Runner ('02-'09)     Type ③
4Runner ('09-present)     Type ④
Highlander ('08-present)     Type ④
Camry ('11-'17) Type ⑤    
Camry ('17-present) Type ⑥    

*With spacer

General Features

Peak Input Power 300W
Rated Input Power 100W
Woofer Features 6 x 9 inch PP Cone
Midrange Features PP Cone woofer
Tweeter Features Silk Balanced Dome Tweeter
Sensitivity 84 dB/ W / m
Frequency Response 45Hz -23KHz
Cutout Diameter 8-9/16 x 5-11/16 inch
Mounting Depth 2-3/4" Inch
Weight of Magnet(Woofer) 14.5 oz
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Peak Input Power(W) 300W
RMS Input Power(W)
CTA standards
Sensitivity (dB at 1m)
CTA standards
Frequency Response(Hz)
CTA standards
Woofer Diaphragm PP Cone
Size 153x229mm 6x9 inch
Surround Rubber
Basket Steel
Magnet Ferrite φ90x15
Midrange Diaphragm PP Cone
Size 44mm 3-1/2 inch
Surround Rubber
Basket Steel
Magnet Ferrite φ65x18
Tweeter Diaphragm Balanced Dome
Size 25mm 1 inch
Magnet Neodynium
Newtwork Midrange HPF -6dB/oct, 850Hz
Woofer LPF -6dB/oct, 850Hz
Bypass Selectable inch
Dimension Woofer
Width 236.4 mm 9-5/16 in.
Height 164 mm 6-7/16 in.
Top Height 82.3 mm 3-1/4 in.
Cutout Diameter 217 x 145 mm 8-9/16 x 5-11/16 in.
Height from the mouning surface 12.3 mm 1/2 in.
Mounting Depth 70 mm 2-3/4 in.
Width 113mm 4-7/16 in.
Height 87 mm 3-7/16 in.
Top Height 44 mm 1-3/4 in.
Cutout Diameter φ75.5 mm φ3 in.
Height from the mouning surface 8 mm 5/16 in.
Mounting Depth 36 mm 1-7/16 in.
Weight Gross Weight 4.7kg 165.8 oz
Weight of Woofer Magnet 410g 14.5 oz
Accessory Accessory Bracket for Woofer 2pcs
Spacer for Woofer 2pcs
In-Line Network 2pcs
Speaker Cord for Woofer (0.3m) 2pcs
Tapping Screw(φ4x16mm) for Woofer 8pcs
Cushion for Bracket/Woofer 1set
Cushion for Bracket① 1set
Cushion for Bracket② 2pcs
Cushion(15mm) for Woofer 1set
Cushion for 3.5inch Midrange 1set
Tapping Screw(φ4xL25mm) for Woofer 8pcs

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