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KFC-X3C3-1/2" Cutom Fit Speaker

  • PP Cone Woofer
  • Silk Balanced Dome Tweeter
  • Sound Field Enhancer

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KFC-X2C2-3/4" Cutom Fit Speaker

  • Acrylic Carbon Hybrid Cone
  • Mid-High Speaker

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Introducing the industry’s best solution for a vehicle specific sized dash speaker replacement.  You can select from 3-1/2” or 2-3/4” speakers, enabling easy OEM replacement in many Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Toyota vehicles and more!

Sound Field Enhancer

This unique shape widens the sound field and controls interference, providing a rich, direct sound through the 3-1/2” speakers.
*KFC-X3C only

Silk Balanced-dome Tweeter

Reproduces natural sounds, ensuring accurate and smooth high frequency response.
*KFC-X3C only

Acrylic Carbon Hybrid Cone

Light but rigid, delivers rich midrange and high frequency response.
*KFC-X2C only

Supported Vehicle Chart

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Car Brand Vehicle KFC-X3C KFC-X2C
CHEVROLET Silverado ('14-present)  
Tahoe ('15-present)  
Camaro ('15-present)  
CHRYSLER 200 ('15-'17)  
300 ('11-present)  
DODGE Avenger ('08-'14)  
RAM ('10-present)  
Caliber ('07-'12)  
Caravan ('08-present)  
Challenger ('08-present)  
Charger ('06-present)  
Journey ('09-present)  
TOYOTA Tacoma ('04-'16)  
Tundra ('07-present)  
Sequoia ('08-present)  
FJ Cruiser ('06-'18)  
4Runner ('02-'09)  
4Runner ('09-present)  
Highlander ('08-present)  
Camry ('11-'17)  
Camry ('17-present)  

General Features

Peak Input Power KFC-X3C KFC-X2C
Peak Input Power 120W 120W
Rated Input Power 50W 50W
Midrange Features PP Cone woofer Acrylic Carbon Hybrid Cone
Tweeter Features Silk Balanced Dome Tweeter -
Sensitivity 83 dB/ W / m 83 dB/ W / m
Frequency Response 800Hz -23KHz 800Hz -20KHz
Mounting Depth 1-7/16" Inch 1-5/16" Inch
Weight of Magnet 3.9oz 2.3oz
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Peak Input Power(W) 120W 120W
RMS Input Power(W)
CTA standards
50W 50W
Sensitivity (dB at 1m)
CTA standards
83dB 83dB
Frequency Response(Hz)
CTA standards
800-23,000Hz 800-20,000Hz
Midrange Diaphragm PP Cone PP Cone +Sub Cone
Size 30mm 3-1/2 inch 30mm 2-3/4 inch
Surround Rubber Cloth
Basket Steel Plastic
Magnet Ferrite φ65x18 Ferrite φ50x18
Tweeter Diaphragm Balanced Dome  
Size 25mm 1 inch  
Magnet Neodynium  
Newtwork Midrange HPF -6dB/oct, 850Hz HPF -6dB/oct, 850Hz
Dimension Midrange
Width 113mm 4-7/16 in. 103mm 4-1/16 in.
Height 87 mm 3-7/16 in. 71.5 mm 2-13/16 in.
Top Height 44 mm 1-3/4 in. 40 mm 1-9/16 in.
Cutout Diameter φ75.5 mm φ3 in. φ62 mm φ2-7/16 in.
Height from the mouning surface 8 mm 5/16 in. 6 mm 1/4 in.
Mounting Depth 36 mm 1-7/16 in. 34 mm 1-5/16 in.
Weight Gross Weight 0.9kg 31.7 oz 0.6kg 21.2 oz
Weight of Woofer Magnet 110g 3.9 oz 64g 2.3 oz
Accessory Accessory In-Line Network 2pcs In-Line Network 2pcs
Cushion 1set Cushion 1set

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