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KAC-M1814Compact 4-Channel Digital Amplifier

  • Peak Power 400W
  • Conformal Coating for Marine and Other use.
  • Speaker Level Input with Signal Sensing Turn on.
  • Bridgeable Connection.
  • Compact design ( W)5-11/16" x (H)1-3/4" x (D)3-7/8"


  • For Automobile

  • For Marine

  • For ATV

  • For Motorcycle

KAC-M1814 Compact Class-D amplifier supports louder volume for Car, Marine and Motorsports users with low-noise.

Plastic covered connector helps to keep out water and dust.

Conformal Coating provides vibration resistance and helps prevent the PCB from rusting.

Pre-amp and Power-amp sections are separated to reduce radiation noise.

Compact design with controlable interface to adjust the sound from a receiver.
① Filter Frequency Control (A.ch/B.ch)
② Filter Switch to apply HPF / OFF / LPF (A.ch/B.ch).
③ Line In terminal
④ Input Sensitivity Control (A.ch/B.ch)

General Features

Max Power 400W
RMS Power 45W x 4 (4Ω)
45W x 4 (2Ω)
90W x 2 (Bridged)
S/N Signal to Noise Ratio: 98 dB
Size (W)5-11/16” x (H)1-3/4” x (D)3-7/8”
Low Pass Filter 50Hz-200Hz, -12dB/oct (A/B)
High Pass Filter 50Hz-200Hz, -12dB/oct (A/B)
Speaker Level Input
Signal Sensing Turn-On
Variable High & Low Pass Filter
Conformal Coating

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Amplifier Type Class D
CEA-2006 Primary Ratings Power Output 45Watts RMS x 4 at 4 Ohms, ≤1%THD+N
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 82dBA (Reference: 1Watt into 4Ohms)
Maximum Power Output MAX POWER 400W
RMS Power at 14.4V A/B (2 Ohms) 45Watts RMS x 4 at 4 Ohms, 1kHz , ≤1% THD+N
A/B (Bridged 4Ohms) 90Watts RMS x 2 at 4 Ohms, 1kHz, ≤1%THD+N
Specifications Signal to Noise Ratio 98dB (Reference: Rated Power into 4Ohms at 14.4V)
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz (+0dB, -1dB)
Input Impedance 10k ohm
Speaker Impedance 4Ω ( 2Ω to 8Ω allowable)
Bridged Connection 4Ω to 8Ω allowable
Audio Section Low-pass Filter 50-200Hz, -12dB/oct (A/B CH)
High-pass Filter 50-200Hz, -12dB/oct (A/B CH)
RCA Input Sensitivity 0.2 (V) - 5.0 (V)
Speaker Level Input Sensitivity 4.0 (V) - 12.0 (V)
Terminal Connector with DC Cable Yes
General Dimensions(WxHxD) 145[mm] x 45 [mm] x 99 [mm]
5-11/16 inch x 1-3/4 inch x 3-7/8 inch
Weight  (kg) 0.7 [kg] 1.5 [lbs]
Operating Voltage 14.4V(11-16V allowable) [V]
Current Consumption 15 [A]
Key Features CTA-2006 Compliant
Class D
2 Ohms Load Capability
Speaker Level Input
Signal Sensing Turn-on
Variable Low-Pass / High-Pass Filter
Key Features Conformal Coating
Terminal Cover
Power MOS-FET Switching Power Supply
Extruded Aluminum Heat Sink Design
A B Independent Gain Adjustment
Accessroies DC cable 1.5m (5 ft) ● 1pc
RCA cable 1m (3.3 ft) ● 2pcs
Self-tapping screws φ4x 16 mm ● 4pcs
Wire band 350mm (13-3/4 inch) ● 2pcs
Wire band 100mm (3-15/16 inch) ● 2pcs
Protective cover ● 2pcs

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