Sub Receiver
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The sub-receiver incorporates the TS-590S receiver

Down-conversion occurs on the 160m/80m/40m/20m/15m bands

The sub-receiver features performance that has exceeded its class since going on sale, thus further refining this popular receiver on the TS-590S. Because this is particularly the case on the front end, where it employs circuit configuration that makes down-conversion possible on the leading five amateur bands, it can be used in actual operation despite being just a sub-receiver.

* The IF bandwidth for 160m/80m/40m/20m/15m bands is (SSB/CW/FSK/PSK) for frequency levels 2.7 kHz or below.

Roofing filters, 500 Hz, 2.7 kHz

Frequencies of 500 Hz and 2.7 kHz are standard for sub-receiver roofing filters. You can maintain a more or less flat dynamic range even if interference impinges on your reception frequency, thanks to superior close-in dynamic range properties. You can clearly catch signals under conditions made problematic by strong close-in interference signals.