Dual display
  • Main Receiver
  • Sub Receiver
  • Triple DSP
  • Transmit
  • Dual display
  • Control
  • Front/Rear Panel
  • Movie

Monitor the area surrounding the target signal with the main display

Main display

The main display shows basic information about the frequency, mode, meter, and other functions, as well as the on/off status of the other accessory functions. You can also view internal parameter settings and memory lists. In addition, it features a band scope function that allows you to monitor band status. Execute fast sweeps with FFT processing using DSP. Switch to different view modes such as waterfall and reception/transmission equalizer views.

Main display example views

Sub band display monitors the target signal itself

The 3.5" TFT sub band display is located above the main knob, which not only reduces eye movement in reading the frequency, but also allows you to monitor the target signal itself by displaying the demodulated audio spectrum. In addition, filter effects can be displayed on the easy-to-see sub band display, allowing for intuitive operation. You can switch the sub band display among the four different view modes below according to your intention.