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About the Bluetooth module firmware updater Version 1.70 Group F
Be sure to read the following instructions.
Bluetooth module firmware update Procedure
Update file is different by model. Refer to <Connected Control Unit> in <Target Models> for the models which update is necessary.
Be sure to park the vehicle in a safe place before updating. Keep the engine running in order to prevent battery from running out.
Do not turn off the engine or CD receiver power while updating. Update cannot be performed correctly and the CD receiver may become unusable.
  Note: Please be advised that the settings on Your KENWOOD Audio Product will be cleared further to completing the Software Update, i.e. Paired Phones, User Settings, Voice Tags.
    Target Models
This updater can be used to update the firmware of the following models.
Connected Control Unit
  DDX5022, DDX5022Y, DDX5032, DDX5032M, DDX512, DDX52RY, DDX7032, DDX7032M, DDX712, DNX5120, DNX512EX, DNX5220, DNX7120, DNX7220, DNX7320, KVT-50DVDRY, KVT-512, KVT-522DVD, KVT-522DVDY, KVT-532DVD, KVT-532DVDM, DNX7320CN
    Work Flow
Preparation Check the firmware version and cell phone to check whether firmware update is required.
Step 1 Download the firmware update file and an update tool, and then install the update tool.
Step 2 Initiate Your KENWOOD Audio Product for the Update Process
Step 3 Start the update tool and transfer the update file.
Step 4 Check that the firmware has been updated.
If you can use your cell-phone without problems at the moment, there is no need to update the firmware.
Make sure that the connecting cell-phone model you are using is in the [Supported Cellphone Model List].
If an error occurs while updating the firmware, the Bluetooth Module may become unusable.
Be sure to read the following "Bluetooth Module Firmware Update Procedure" carefully before updating the firmware.
Bluetooth Module Firmware Update Procedure
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Version 1.70   Parrot Software Update Tool   Download   (358KB)
Update File   Download   (1,216KB)
Compatibility information
-KENWOOD Bluetooth Compatibility List (Version 1.70)
    The firmware released before
Version 1.60
-About the Bluetooth module firmware updater (22/08/2008) version 1.60
-Bluetooth Module Firmware Update Procedure is the same as above.
-Parrot Software Update Tool is the same as above.
-Update File (Version 1.60) CK5050_ROMRAM_RLS_160.plf (1,214KB)
Compatibility information
-KENWOOD Bluetooth Compatibility List (version 1.60)
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