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Telematics Services (what is Telematics)

Telematics is a service that utilizes telecommunications, GPS, and AI for full IoT Fleet Management, helping to improve the safety and efficiency of your fleet.

With telematics, you can track all your vehicles and see where they are from one dashboard, dispatch and route your drivers, and record and schedule vehicle maintenance based on mileage or running time.

With advanced AI, telematics can provide collision warning systems along with driver monitoring systems such as driver identification, anti-distraction warnings, and notification of cell phone usage.

You can record incidents like harsh braking, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, excessive speed, and even send video of accidents directly to the cloud, providing immediate notification to dispatch.

You can pull live video footage from the vehicle or pull historical video footage to help assess a situation or resolve a question.

Many companies use this information to coach their drivers and create safer conditions. It can reduce wear and tear on vehicles along with reducing accidents and injury. If there is an accident, video documentation can either exonerate drivers from false claims or quickly resolve claims.

Safety, Efficiency, Knowledge, Cost Reduction

Why Telematics

Reduce Costs

Whether it’s reducing vehicle downtime by keeping proper maintenance schedules or efficient routing and allocating of assets, telematics can help reduce costs in your organization.

Know Where Your Fleet Is

From small fleets to large fleets that cross multiple states, it can be hard to keep track of all your vehicles. In today's world of acquisitions and mergers, it can be particularly hard to track and manage mixed fleets. Know where all your assets are, track mileage, and track maintenance intervals with helpful reminders.

Protect your Driver, Protect Yourself

Coach drivers for safety from a perspective of real-time, real situation knowledge. From serious accidents to minor incidents, dash cams have proven to be critical in evidence of what happened. Whether it’s coaching for safety, resolving an incident quickly, or exonerating your driver, a telematics dash cam can help.

Come talk with us about your project. Our goal is to listen to your needs and match the best technology to fit your situation.

Company Strengths

KENWOOD is your first-choice partner in the telematics space. Whether you are looking for fleet solutions or are a telematics re-seller, KENWOOD has the tools you need.

KENWOOD’s video telematics solution utilizes the latest technology combined with a powerful onboard processor to bring you cutting-edge solutions.

KENWOOD telematics cameras utilize AI and can process ADAS and DMS with multiple cameras while providing traditional telematics information without a separate processing box.

KENWOOD gives you the option of 1 or multiple cameras. The main dash camera can be expanded with up to 2 additional cameras for driver monitoring or additional environment views.

KENWOOD has a panic button for a driver to call for help if a dangerous situation is unfolding.

KENWOOD has set up full API integration with easy cloud-to-cloud development that allows you to fully customize the options you choose to integrate and allows variable settings within those options for a truly custom solution.

Utilizing KENWOOD’s state-of-the-art hardware, cloud services, telematics platform, and app, you now have the solution you have been searching for:

device only, full integration, or a turn-key solution, Kenwood has your solution.

Our Telematics history

Since 2014, KENWOOD has been utilizing video technology to help companies reduce costs, through safety, efficiency and having the knowledge to do something about it. After this many generations of product, we know what we are talking about, and we are good at it!

Come talk with us about your needs and how we can help you achieve your telematics goals.



Video Telematics Solution

Telematics Dash Cam with LTE Support

High Definition
High-Definition Full HD (Video quality selectable)
Accidents and Incidents are automatically recorded and sent to the Cloud via LTE connection
Enable emergency calls when help is needed (VoIP Function) including panic button for immediate response
Detects drowsy or distracted driving and driver face recognition with cabin camera
Manage your whole fleet including maintenance tracking in one location
Up to Date
Automatic OTA update without interfering with normal recording
Customized Use
Selectable settings ready for various applications
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