TS-890SDisplay / Transmitter

Evolved power to perform with diverse displays and auto-scroll.
A transmitter with stable output, quietness and high speed.

Operational capacity reinforced with displays and various features

The seven-inch TFT color LCD is the same size as that used in the TS-990S. In addition to basic information including frequency, mode, and S-meter, the band scope and audio scope are also displayed. The TS-890S also displays further improvements in visibility and operability in tough usage scenarios such as competitions.

With the spectrum scope and waterfall screen display, the analogue meter is simultaneously displayed. The popular sub-scope display from the TS-990S has been incorporated as a filter-scope display

A band scope providing ease-of-ease


In addition to conventional CENTER MODE and FIXED MODE, the unit comes equipped with an AUTO SCROLL MODE. While in FIXED MODE, if the receive frequency goes over the scope edge, then autoscroll will engage for half a screen width. Furthermore, with the EXPAND function turned on, the screen to be displayed next can be drawn in advance*. Also, with the SHIFT function, the receive marker can be set in the desired position on the vertical grid, which is convenient when displaying a non-receive frequency as the center display, such as for pileups during splits.

  • * Effective in spans under 200kHz. Image becomes slightly coarse when expanded.

Auto-scroll operation (span 10 kHz, EXPAND ON)
On the current screen (screen 2), if the frequency is changed to go over the top end of screen 2, it will automatically change to screen 3, and if it goes over the bottom end of screen 2, it will automatically change to screen 1. Waterfall screen creation normally commences after switching screens, but with the EXPAND function turned to ON, the display switches to the finished screen.


When changing the receive frequency in CENTER MODE, there are many units that display a bright line that flows obliquely over the waterfall, but with the TS-890S, the bright line remains straight and enables tuning operation*. Switching to the follow display is also possible via the menu.

  • * During straight display, the waterfall bright line temporarily stops and undergoes parallel displacement. Image becomes slightly coarse when expanded.


FIXED MODE allows you to switch between three kinds of display ranges with a single touch of the panel screen. The initial value is preset based on the band plan, but this can be easily adjusted to a desired scope.

Improved reference level operability ease-of-use

The TS-890S has improved operability of the reference level focusing on the visibility of the waterfall.

● Through optimization of each span, readjustment is mostly unnecessary when switching between them.*
● Settings are enabled for each band, and readjustment is also unnecessary for the PRE AMP ON and PRE AMP OFF bands.

  • * Spectrum scope waveform height changes during span switching.

Filter scope display

The popular sub-scope from the TS-990S is carried as a filter scope display. You can confirm receive filter selection status, roofing filter bandwidth, IF fi l ter passband information, receive for ex-audio spectrum, CW pitch frequency, and notch frequency all concentrated in one location.

CW mode display example

SSB mode display example

Expanded touch operation scope

Basic operation of the TS-890S is through knobs and switches with a definite ‘clicking’ feel rather than touchscreen operation, but the below adjustment features and menu settings can now be changed via touch operation.

RX/TX equalizer level adjustment, meter type (analog white / analog black / bar meter) switching, FFT scope/X-Y scope switching on RTTY decode screen, FFT scope/vector scope switching on PSK decode screen, voice-audio file playback position change. Furthermore, with touchscreen tuning, in addition to the conventional CW tuning operation via longpush, a short push enables tuning using steps set via MULTI/CH, while on bands popular with operation in units of 1kHz, practical touch alignment is possible even in SSB.

Other display system features

  • ● Transmit digital meter enabling display of two kinds of transmit information even during analog meter display
  • ● Audio scope (spectrum scope, oscilloscope) able to be displayed simultaneously with reduced band scope
  • ● Band scope IF filter passband with display
  • ● Change of gradation for waterfall display
  • ● Frequency marker display function (Max. 50)
  • ● Transmit spectrum display (during CENTER MODE)
  • ● SWL display mode

Heavy-duty design delivers transmission performance able to withstand long hours of operation.

Highly reliable 100W final-stage amplifier circuit.

The final-stage amplifier device is a Mitsubishi-made MOSFET RD100HHF1(Pch 176.5W) operating in push-pull. A MOSFET RD16HHF1 has been used for the drive amp, and a MOSFET RD06HHF1 for the pre-drive amp. Inter-stage matching and fine-tuning delivers superior transmit IMD even for a 13.8V final circuit, enabling operation with a clean and low-distortion signal.

14MHz transmit IMD example (100W output)
・Values are measured examples.

Heavy-duty design with improved quietness

The unit employs a twin cooling fan system that uses a pair of 80 x 80 mm fans. Using two fans provides sufficient air flow at low rpm, making for superior quietness. The quietness level for the fans when operating has been improved by more than 5dB compared to our conventional models. Furthermore, the use of an aluminum die-cast chassis combined with a large heat sink makes for a heavy-duty design sufficiently capable of withstanding the tough conditions typical of contests or long hours of hard operation.

The position of the heatsink in the center of the rear panel

Built-in high-speed automatic antenna tuner enabling high-speed operation

The antenna tuner is a preset type also operable during receive and covering amateur bands from 1.8MHz~50MHz. High-speed operation and the proven relay method enable rapid QSY through instantaneous band changing. The menu can be used to set an ON/OFF memory for the antenna tuner for each band.

Free settings enabled through linear amp control settings menu

A variety of linear amp connections have been taken into account, including self-made ones, and independent settings for various kinds of control at HF/50MHz bands are possible. Possible settings include: linear amp ON/OFF, transmission control (H active, L active), transmission delay ON/OFF, transmission delay time (CW/FSK/PSK) and (SSB/AM/FM), internal relay control, and external ALC threshold voltage adjustment.

TCXO as standard, high frequency stability at ±0.1 ppm

Equipped with a TCXO (temperature compensated cr ystal oscillator) requiring no warm-up as standard, high stability of ±0.1ppm has been obtained in a wide temperature range covering from 32ºF~122ºF. External standard signal (10MHz) input is also possible.

TCXO temperature drift characteristics
・Values are measured examples.

Other transmit system features

  • ● USB keying/SEND
  • ● DRV connector output (supports transmission in 137kHz and 475kHz bands)
  • ● Transmit output limiter (supports ON/OFF switching, mode settings)
  • ● TX tuning

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