• SP-890NEW

    External Speaker

    The SP-890 has a design that matches the TS- 890S, and achieves a frequency response with good intelligibility. Through the use of high-cut and low-cut filters, the receive sound is at a basic setting that allows the adjustment of its timbre to suit your preferences.

  • MC-90

    Deluxe Desktop Microphone

  • MC-60S8

    Desktop Microphone

  • MC-43S

    Hand Microphone

  • HS-5

    Open-Air Headphones

  • HS-6

    Lightweight Headphones

  • PS-60

    Stable Power Supply

  • YG-82CN-1NEW

    270Hz CW Filter

    A narrow-band roofing filter that removes ultra adjacent interference signals.

  • ARCP-890NEW

    Software Radio Control Program

    Software to control your TS-890S remotely from your PC. Band scope can also be used for KNS operation. (LAN connection recommended.)

  • ARHP-890NEW

    Software Radio Host Program

    Software to use on the host side when controlling your TS-890S remotely over a network.

  • ARUA-10 Ver. 4.00 and later

    Software USB Audio Controller

    Software to use the speakers and microphone of a PC connected by a USB cable in place of the radio unit's speaker and microphone.

  • ARVP-10 Ver. 1.03 and later

    Software VoIP Program

    Software to relay voice-audio between a host-side radio and remote-side PC connected over a network through the KENWOOD Network Command System.

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