KENWOOD Smartphone Control

Compatible Models

Multimedia Receiver

DDX771WBT*, DDX7701HD*, DDX751WBTL, DDX717WBTM, DDX717WBT, DDX715WBTM, DDX715WBT, DDX7071BT*, DDX7055BT*, DDX7051BT, DDX7035BTM*, DDX7035BT*, DDX7025BT*, DDX7017BTM, DDX7017BT, DDX7015BTM, DDX7015BT,
DDX5902, DDX5901HD*, DDX517BT, DDX515BTM, DDX515BT, DDX5055BT*, DDX5035BTM*, DDX5035BT*, DDX5025DAB*, DDX5025BT*, DDX5015DAB, DDX5015BTR, DDX5015BT,
DDX9702S, DDX9902S

* Firmware update

Navigation Receiver

DNX892, DNX891HD*, DNX8170DABS,
DNX772BH, DNX771HD*, DNX7710BT*, DNX7250DAB*, DNX7170DABS, DNX715WDAB, DNX7150DAB, DNX7150BT,
DNX692, DNX691HD*,
DNX572BH, DNX571TR, DNX571HD*, DNX571EX*, DNX5710BT*, DNX535VBTM*, DNX535VBT*, DNX5350DAB*, DNX5350BTM*, DNX5350BT*, DNX525DAB*, DNX5250BT*, DNX5170DABS, DNX5170BTS,
DNX450TR, DNX4250DAB*, DNX4250BT*, DNX4150DAB, DNX4150BTR, DNX4150BTM, DNX4150BT,

* Firmware update

Network Multimedia Receiver

DNN992, DNN991HD*, DNN9710BT*, DNN9350BTM*, DNN9350BT*, DNN9250DAB*, DNN9150DAB, DNN9150BTM, DNN9150BT, DNN9150BT,
DNR8035BTM*, DNR8035BT*, DNR8025BT*, DNR8015BTM, DNR8015BT

* Firmware update

* Please make sure that the Multimedia Receiver had been updated to the latest firmware version in order to use the "KENWOOD Smartphone Control" feature.

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Compatible Android Device

Android Device must have below system requirements in order to use the "KENWOOD Smartphone Control" function.

  • Android™ 4.1 and above
  • Bluetooth® SPP (Serial Port Profile) and HID (Human Interface Device) Profile
  • MHL or HDMI Output

Not all Android Devices are compatible with the "KENWOOD Smartphone Control" function, even if the above system requirements are met.

Please refer to the following list of the compatible devices.

Manufacture Model Android Version Connection Type
HTC One Max 4.4.2 MHL
LG Optimus GJ (E975W) 4.1.2 MHL
Samsung GALAXY S III (SC-06D) 4.1.2 Samsung Adapter*
Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500) 4.3 Samsung Adapter*
Samsung Galaxy Note II (N7100) 4.1.2 Samsung Adapter*
Sony Xperia Z 4.2.2 MHL
Sony Xperia Z1 4.2.2 MHL
Sony Xperia ZR 4.2.2 MHL
Sony Xperia ZL 4.2.2 MHL
Sony Xperia A (SO-04E) 4.1.2, 4.2.2 MHL
Sony Xperia Z1f (SO-02F) 4.2.2 MHL
Sony Xperia UL (SOL22) 4.2.2 MHL

*Samsung adapter (EPL-FU10BEBSTD or ET-H10FAUWESTA) is required (sold separately).
   EPL-FU10BEBSTD: Additionally requires KENWOOD HDMI - MHL Conversion Cable "KCA-MH100" (sold separately).
   ET-H10FAUWESTA: Additionally requires KENWOOD HDMI Extension Cable "KCA-HD100" (sold separately).

 Visit for information regarding your nearest authorized Samsung dealer.

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