General NX-1700H NX-1800H
Frequency Range 136-174 MHz 400-470 MHz
Max. Channels Per Radio 260
Number of Zones 128
Max. Channels per Zone 250
Channel Spacing Analog 12.5/25 kHz
Digital 6.25/12.5 kHz
Power Supply 13.6 V DC ±15%
Current Drain Standby 0.45 A
RX 2.4 A
TX 13 A
Operating Temperature -22ºF to +140ºF (-30ºC to +60ºC)
Frequency Stability ±0.5 ppm
Dimensions (W x H x D) Projections Not Included
6.34 x 1.69 x 6.62 in.
(161 x 43 x 168.2 mm.)
Weight Radio 2.67 lbs (1.21 kg)
FCC ID Type 1 K44517000 K44517100 (Pending)
Type 2
FCC ID Type 1 282F-517000 282F-517100 (Pending)
Type 2
IC Certification 282F-501001 282F-501102
Receiver NX-1700H NX-1800H
Sensitivity NXDN® 6.25 kHz Digital (3% BER) 0.18 μV
NXDN®12.5 kHz Digital (3% BER) 0.22 μV
DMR Digital 12 kHz (5% BER) 0.18 µV
Analog 12 kHz (12dB SINAD) 0.20 μV
Analog 25 kHz (12dB SINAD) 0.24 μV
Sensitivity Analog @ 12.5kHz 65 dB
Analog @ 25kHz 81 dB
Intermodulation 73 dB
Spurious Rejection 75 dB
Audio Distortion 3%
Audio Output Power 6 W/ 4 W 4 Ω
Transmitter NX-1700H NX-1800H
RF Power Output 50 W / 25 W / 5 W 45 W / 25 W / 5 W
Spurious Emission -73 dB -75 dB
FM Hum & Noise Analog @ 12.5kHz 40 dB
Analog @ 25kHz 50 dB
Audio Distortion 3%
Emission Designator 16K0F3E, 11K0F3E, 8K30F1E, 8K30F1D, 8K30F7W, 4K00F1E, 4K00F1D, 4K00F7W,
4K00F2D, 7K60FXD, 7K60FXW, 7K60FXE, 7K60F1E, 7K60F1D, 7K60F1W

Analog measurements made per TIA603. Specifications are measured according to applicable standards.
Specifications shown are typical and subject to change without notice, due to advancements in technology.

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NEXEDGE® & FleetSync® are a registered trademarks of JVCKENWOOD Corporation.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.


MIL Standard MIL 810C Methods/Procedures MIL 810D Methods/Procedures MIL 810E Methods/Procedures MIL 810F Methods/Procedures MIL 810G Methods/Procedures MIL 810H Methods/Procedures
Low Pressure 500.1/Procedure I 500.2/Procedure I, II 500.3/Procedure I, II 500.4/Procedure I, II 500.5/Procedure I, II 500.6/Procedure I, II
High Temperature 501.1/Procedure I, II 501.2/Procedure I, II 501.3/Procedure I, II 501.4/Procedure I, II 501.5/Procedure I, II 501.7/Procedure I, II
Low Temperature 502.1/Procedure I 502.2/Procedure I, II 502.3/Procedure I, II 502.4/Procedure I, II 502.5/Procedure I, II 502.7/Procedure I, II
Temperature Shock 503.1/Procedure I 503.2/Procedure I 503.3/Procedure I 503.4/Procedure I, II 503.5/Procedure I 503.7/Procedure I
Solar Radiation 505.1/Procedure I 505.2/Procedure I 505.3/Procedure I 505.4/Procedure I 505.5/Procedure I 505.7/Procedure I
Rain* 506.1/Procedure I, II 506.2/Procedure I, II 506.3/Procedure I, II 506.4/Procedure I, III 506.5/Procedure I, III 506.6/Procedure I, III
Humidity 507.1/Procedure I, II 507.2/Procedure II, III 507.3/Procedure II, III 507.4 507.5/Prcedure II 507.6/Prcedure II
Salt Fog 509.1/Procedure I 509.2/Procedure I 509.3/Procedure I 509.4 509.5 509.7
Dust 510.1/Procedure I 510.2/Procedure I 510.3/Procedure I 510.4/Procedure I, III 510.5/Procedure I 510.7/Procedure I
Vibration 514.2/Procedure VIII, X 514.3/Procedure I 514.4/Procedure I 514.5/Procedure I 514.6/Procedure I 514.8/Procedure I
Shock 516.2/Procedure I, II, III, V 516.3/Procedure I, IV, V 516.4/Procedure I, IV, V 516.5/Procedure I, IV, V 516.6/Procedure I, IV, V 516.8/Procedure I, IV, V, VI
International Protection Standard
Dust & Water Protection*1 IP54 (per IEC60529) *1 All interfaces must be fully sealed with appropriate covers or by designated genuine accessories