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Multi Communicator 144/440MHz FM Dual Bander With KENWOOD's advanced TM-D710A you can harness today's most exciting developments in radio communications, including EchoLink®, AX.25, and the latest features of APRS®. tm-d710a

Built-In 1200/9600 BPS Terminal Node Controller(TNC) Compliant with AX.25 Rotocol

The built-in TNC is compatible with the AX.25 protocol, enabling easy access to APRS functions. For 1200/9600bps packet communications, simply hook up the TM-D710A to your PC.

APRS® Ready (Automatic Packer/Position Reporting System)

Cooperating with Bob Bruninga (WB4APR), who first developed APRS, KENWOOD has developed system firmware for the TM-D710A that enables easy APRS operation without requiring a PC. When connected to a GPS receiver this radio will display positional information, including direction and distance, and when hooked up to a weather observation device it can display temperature and rainfall information. All of this data can be exchanged with other stations. The information can also be output to a PC for map display using commercially available APRS application software.

"APRSdos"was written by WB4APR(Bob Bruninga)

"APRS+SA"was written by KH2Z(Brent Hildebrand)

Positional/directional data: With an NMEA-0183 compatible GPS receiver, in addition to current latitude, longitude and altitude, information is available on the distance, speed and heading of a mobile station.

Meteorological information: The TM-D710A can be connected to Peet Bros or Davis weather stations for access to wind speed/direction, temperature, rainfall, humidity and barometric pressure data.

Station list: This stores a maximum of 100 stations - including fixed base, mobile, object and weather stations - and offers filtering so you can select from the different types. You can also so

Versatile messaging:
● 100 messages (up to 67 characters each)
● Status: 4 x 42 characters (max.), 1 x 31 characters (max.)
● User phrases (preset for rapid message input): 4 types (up to 32 characters each)
● Special call function: Immediate notification when a message is received from a designated station. The APRS system is capable of transmitting e-mail, so you can send (not receive) e-mail messages from the TM-D710A.

Wide-range of functions available from more than 60 APRS menus:
● QSY function (Exchange operating frequency via APRS)
● Auto Message Reply
● Digipeater capability
● Packet filter
● Decay Algorithm
● New-N Paradigm
● 29 Graphic icons display
● 3 Grid square locators: Maidenhead SAR (Conv) & SAR (Sell) and more...

Separate Panel with Extra-Large 2-Color Switchable Backlight LCD & Multifunction Key Display

The TM-D710A has a separate control panel with an extra-large display that clearly identifies the multifunction keys for easy operation. To maximize visibility, the backlight color can be switched between warm amber and cool green. And two different stands are supplied: one for on-dash installation, and the other for fixed stations.

High RF Power Output(50W)

The TM-D710A provides an impressive 50 watts of RF power (VHF & UHF), plus a choice of High/Mid/Low output.

Dual Receive on Same Band (VxV, Uxu)

In addition to simultaneous receive on both VHF and UHF bands, this radio can receive two frequencies on the very same band. This means, for example, that you can have both the call channel and local channel, or the repeater channel and local channel, on the same band.

1,000 Multifunction Memory Channels

There are 1,000 split memory channels for storing essential data - such as transmit and receive frequencies, frequency step, and tone frequency - plus an additional 10 for programmable scan. You can identify each channel with up to 8 alphanumeric characters (Memory Name function). Additionally, memory data can be edited and stored on a PC using the optional PG-5G programming interface cable and MCP-2A Memory Control software (a free download from the KENWOOD website*).

Multiple Scan & Visual Scan

As well as VFO scan, program scan, MHz scan, memory scan and call scan, the TM-D710A offers memory bank scan: the 1,000 channels are grouped into 10 banks for selective scanning. Also featured are scan resume (time-operated, carrier-operated, and seek), memory channel lockout, tone scan, CTCSS scan, and DCS scan. Additionally, using the S meter on the large LCD you can visually display the signal strength (S0~S7) of stations within the scanned range.

Voice Guidance & Strage Option(VGS-1)

Installing this option makes audible announcement possible for most key operations and menu choices. The VGS-1 also provides up to 30 seconds of continuous recording.

EchoLink® Sysop Mode for Node Terminal Operation

When the TM-D710A is connected to a PC (with the necessary Windowscompatible software installed) using the PG-5H option, it can operate as a node terminal for EchoLink. EchoLink connects radio amateurs through the Internet using VoIP technology: any transceiver with access to a node can connect to any other in the world as long as it too has node access. It is also possible to access the EchoLink network directly from a PC. To register for EchoLink (using your call sign),
access the official website at : www.echolink.org

EchoLink® Memory (Automatic Dialer)

Up to 10 DTMF memory channels dedicated to EchoLink can store call signs (or conference names) and Node Numbers. Memory Control is also possible using a PC with the MCP-2A software.

Other Features

- Wide reception: 118-524MHz, 800-1300MHz*
- MC-59 16-Key Hand Microphone with backlighting
- Programmable memory capable of storing 5 independent operating profiles
- DCS (Digital Code Squelch) with 104 selectable codes
- Separate VOL/SQL for A & B Bands
- Packet Monitor
- DX Cluster
- Waypoint Data Output
- Clock (date/time)
- 6-pin Mini-DIN Socket for External TNC
- 8-pin Mini-DIN Socket for PC Connection (optional programming cable PG-5G or PG-5H required for PC connection)
- Programmable Function Keys
- Band Mask
- Call Channel
- S-meter Squelch & Hysteresis Timer
- Monitor Function
- Mute
- 3-hour Auto Power Off
- MHz Mode
- Selectable Frequency Step
- Shift Function
- Repeater Offset (selectable)
- Reverse
- Auto Repeater Offset (ON/OFF, VHF only)
- Automatic Simplex Checker
- DTMF Memory (10 channels,16 digits)
- DTMF Remote Control
- Time Out Timer
- Key Lock
- Power-on Password
- Memory Shift
- Programmable VFO
- Beep On/Off, Volume Control
- Mic Program Function
- Channel Display Mode
- Power-on Message
- LCD Brightness Control, Auto Brightness
- Switch to External Speaker
- Reset (VFO, PART, PM, FULL)

*Excluding cellular blocked + frequencies

General Features

- Built-in 1200/9600BPS Terminal Node Controller (TNC) Compliant with AX.25 Protocol
- APRS® Ready (Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System)
- Separate Panel with Extra-Large 2-Color Switchable Backlight LCD & Multifunction Key Display
- High RF Power Output (50W)
- Dual Receive on Same Band (VxV, UxU)
- 1,000 Multifunction Memory Channels
- Conpatible with ARRL TravelPlus*(US only)
- Multiple Scan & Visual Scan
- Weather Alert/RX (US only)
- Voice Guideance & Starage Option (VGS-1)
- KENWOOD Skycommand System II+ (US only)
- EchoLink® Sysop Mode for Node Terminal Operation
- EchoLink® Memory (Automatic Dialer)