User Interface

Multi-touch Operation

Pinch or spread two fingers to zoom out or in.

Zoom out

  • Multi-touch Operation zoom out1
  • Multi-touch Operation zoom out2

Zoom in

  • Multi-touch Operation zoom in1
  • Multi-touch Operation zoom in2

Navigation & AV Split Screen / Picture in Picture

By splitting the screen with navigation content on one side and source operation and control on the other or the option of a small video screen, even the most advanced "multi-taskers" will be satisfied.

  • Photo Real Junction ViewNavigation & AV Split Screen
  • Photo Real Junction ViewPicture in Picture

Advanced Speech Recognition

DNN990HD is able to respond intelligently to your spoken commands. Just talk to it. Your hands can remain safely on the wheel.

Press the Push-To-Talk switch.

One Shot POI Searches

Allows the user to speak the name of any POI that exists in the POI database.

  • One Shot POI Searches
  • One Shot POI Searches

One Shot Address Entry

Allows the user to speak an entire address at once instead of having to go through multiple steps.

One Shot Address Entry


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