Route Collector

Start the Lifestyle Logging Service with Route Collector to record your daily activities. Route Collector is a Service where you can store and share your trip log, route, and photos taken while traveling. First choose from 10 different activities (Driving, Cycling, Walking, etc.) and get started on your journey.

How to use Route Collector

  1. Make your route

    Make your route with Route Plan page before you go on drive, and send to DNN receiver via KENWOOD Server.

  2. Take some pictures

    Take some pictures along the way.

  3. Create an album

    Create an album after you return from your trip.

  4. Share your album with your friends

    Share your album with your friends or other Route Collector users.

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Trip Log

Trip Log UI

Upload and review your information such as music, video, twitter, and GPS log during your trip. This information can be uploaded to the KENWOOD Server and reviewed via the Route Collector website on your PC.

Route Collector App

Route Collector App is a free application found on App Store.

  • Recording the track log from 10 different activities (Walking, Driving, Cycling, etc)
  • Taking a photo.


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