Make sure to go through all three Setup menu.

Wi-Fi Setup

Highway Sound
  1. Touch [Wi-Fi] Setup.
  2. Slide Wi-Fi to ON.
  3. Select the Wi-Fi access point to register from the list.
  4. Input the password.
  5. Touch [Connect].

Date Setup

Highway Sound
  1. Touch [Date Setup].
  2. Touch [Select time zone].
  3. Select a time zone.

Account Setup

Highway Sound

Create an account in the Route Collector site.
Route Collector QR code QR

Highway Sound
  1. Touch [Set Owner Account].
  2. Enter account information registered in Route Collector site.
  3. Touch [OK].

Notes: You can use the following features for two years after the registration of an owners account. To use after two years, a usage fee is required. Please refer to the KENWOOD Route Collector website for further information.

  • Weather Information (by INRIX)
  • Traffic (by INRIX)
  • Dynamic Parking (by INRIX)
  • Fuel Prices (by INRIX)
  • Real-Time Traffic Camera (by INRIX)
  • Movie Show Times (by WWM)
  • Text to Speech (by Nuance)
  • Speech to Text (by Nuance)


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