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VHF/UHF FM Mobile Radios TK-7180 / TK-8180

Wide Band Operation

The TK-7180/8180 models feature wide band UHF (70 MHz) and VHF (38 MHz) coverage in one radio model.

Mobile Elegance

KENWOOD employed premium industrial design concepts to make the TK-7180/8180 mobiles functionally practical, rugged and attractive whether vehicle or station installed.

512 Channels / 128 Zones

The large 512 channel / 128 zone capability* accommodates virtually any current or future capacity requirement for single or multiple site radio systems.
Maximum capacity notes*
128 Conventional & LTR Zones cumulative maximum per radio
512 Conventional Channels & Group ID's (GID's) cumulative maximum per radio
250 Channels maximum per any Conventional Zone
250 GID's maximum per any LTR Zone

12-Character Dot-Matrix Display with Icons

The backlighting and high-resolution dot matrix 12-character alphanumeric display provides easy-to-read channel aliases day or night. Also a 3-digit sub-display forzone/channel/group ID numbers and icons for function/status indicators make for intuitive operation.

Voice Inversion Scrambler

The built-in voice inversion scrambler provides basic protection against casual eavesdropping.

Enhanced KENWOOD Audio

KENWOOD utilizes its long standing audio heritage to optimize voice frequency components so that the audio output cuts through typical ambient noise. This enhancement and the companded noise reduction provide clarity and low distortion especially on narrow bandwidth systems.

FleetSync® GPS Ready

The TK-7180/8180 has connection ports (internal or external) for GPS receiver units with a standard NMEA-0183 data output. This enables a FleetSync-compatible AVL system to track a fleet of TK-7180/8180 mobiles.

Romote Control head Option

The KRK-10 remote kit converts the front panel into a space saving remote control head for today's smaller vehicles and console mounting.

Rebust & Reliable

The TK-7180/8180 is built to survive the hard knocks and harsh all weather environments of many type mobile installations. These mobiles meet or exceed the stringent the MIL-STD 810 C, D, E & F environmental standards including the demanding "driven rain" test.

Outstanding Features

Conventinal & LTR® Trunking Zones

The TK-7180/8180 operates on LTR ? trunking systems, conventional channels or any combination of both, facilitating mixed operation today or migration tomorrow.

FleetSync® / FleetSync® II

KENWOOD's FleetSync® digital signaling system includes PTT ID digital ANI for instant radio call identification and Emergency status for personnel safety. FleetSync also includes status messaging, selective calling and short/long text dispatch messaging features. The TK-7180/8180 supports either original FleetSync® or FleetSync®II*.
*FleetSync and FleetSync II are incompatible.

Dual Priority & Scan Features

Dual-Priority Scan automatically checks two important channels for activity while channel scanning (conventional zones only). Also, each radio can be programmed to scan any organization of channels, systems and talk groups using the many programmable scan features and parameters. Channel/ GID Delete/Add, Nuisance Delete and Priority Temporary Delete provide relief from non-essential voice traffic when scanning multiple channels or trunked talk groups.


The TK-7180/8180 includes industry standard signaling formats for the most common type radio systems.

Sub-audible QT tones and DQT digital codes provide industry standard talk group muting and segregation for conventional radio systems.
DTMF permits DTMF PTT ID, telephone interconnect operation, individual/group selective calling and remote radio disable/enable (remote stun).
2-Tone Selective Calling:
Four code pairs each with individual and group page settings and audio visual alerts can be assigned per channel.

VGS-1 Voice Guide & Strage Unit

This innovative KENWOOD option makes several functions possible. "Voice Guide" announces zone, channel, groups and feature activation/deactivation in a clear synthesized voice.A great tool for radio communications training or as an aid for the sight or physically impaired. "Voice Storage" records up to 300 seconds of receive audio for missed calls or your own voice for memo recording. It also can transmit an "Auto-Reply" greeting and record voice messages for unattended radios while away from the radio or while in a meeting (the calling unit must send a FleetSync ? selective call for activation). The VGS-1 can be used to store FleetSync® GPS AVL data*. * Voice functions are not available when the VGS-1 is used for FleetSync GPS data storage.

Easy Option Port

KENWOOD's plug-in option port makes the VGS-1 option and compatible after-market board installation a quick and simple.

Other Features

6 Programmable Function Keys
Emergency Features
Operation-Sevection Tone (Conventinal)
Encryption & ANI Module Control
DB-25 Accessory Connector (Female)
Remote Control I/O'S
Mobile Data I/O Ports
Programmable AUX I/O'S
Real-Time Clock for Time Stamping
Embedded Message
Radio Lock Password
Timed Power Off (8-Hour)
Ignition Sense Input & Cable Option
Horn Alert & Public Address Option
Flash Memory
Windows PC Programming & Tuning
MPT1327 Compatible

General Features

- WIde Band Operation
- Conventional & LTR® Trunking Zones
- Extra Large Channel Capacity
- Dual Priority Scan
- Dot Matrix Display
- 6 Programmable Function Keys
- Enhanced KENWOOD Audio
- Voice Inversion Scramber
- FleetSync® / FleetSync® II
- QT/DQT/DTMF/2-Tone
- VGS-1 Voice Guide & Storage Unit (OPTION)
- Easy Option Port (26-PIN)
- Remove Control Head Option
- DB-25 Accessory Terminal
- MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F