KENWOOD Music Control for Android™

KENWOOD Music Control for Android

Editing the songs stored in your Android™ smartphone using KENWOOD Music Control allows you to control playback of those songs conveniently and comfortably.
Furthermore, connecting your Android™ smartphone to the KENWOOD car audio system with a USB cable allows you to control playback of the songs stored in the Android™ smartphone from the car audio system.


New feature

  • Landscape mode applied.
  • The direction of the display on the unit has been changed from portrait to landscape for the models that support KENWOOD Smartphone Control app.
  • Play, pause, track up/down commands can be used on the lock screen and the status bar.
  • Those modifications are applicable to the devices running Android 4.0 or later.

Compatible with playback control of songs stored in your Android™ smartphone.

"Song management function" for managing the songs stored in your smartphone

Music lists stored in your Android™ smartphone can be managed on the navigator screen. Songs can be easily selected by searching for an artist or album name.

"Mood playlist" function for creating playlists through mood analysis*1

Playlists can be created by classifying songs into categories by type of mood. A huge number of music files stored in your Android™ terminal can be easily played by selecting a desired playlist.

"INTRO SKIP" function for choosing only hook-lines of songs*1

This function allows you to choose and listen to only the hook-lines of songs stored in your Android™ smartphone terminal.

"Album information display" function

Not only the album name but also the album art of the song you want to play can be displayed.

"Share" function for posting information of the currently playing song

Posting information of playing songs to SNS services such as Twitter and Facebook is enabled.

Support of Widget function

It supports music player widget. 3 different sizes are prepared to be chosen from, and a selected widget can be set on the home screen.

Song playback, up/down of tracks, and mood play list plalyback can be controlled.

Video playback function*2

Videos stored in the Android device can be played.

*1 To use the "mood play list" function or "INTRO SKIP" function, you need to conduct song analysis using the following procedure:
On a screen other than the screen showing a list containing the song currently being played, press the Menu key to select "Preference" and then check the "Background analysis" checkbox.

*2 The widget for chorus playback is not supported.

Control from your KENWOOD car audio system

Connecting the Android™ terminal in which this application is installed to the KENWOOD car audio system with a USB cable allows you to control playback of songs; for example, selecting songs according to an artist or album name.
Create your favorite playlists so that you can enjoy music whenever and wherever you want.

* An Android terminal running Android OS 4.4 or later cannot make Mass Storage Class (MSC) connection to KENWOOD car audio system.

* To enable playback control from the KENWOOD car audio system, you need to select "Preference" → "Analyzed data output settings" → "Output right now" or "Auto output" to create a song database on the SD card. After connecting your Android™ terminal to the KENWOOD car audio system, you need to set its USB storage mode to On.

* If your Android terminal is not ready for MSC (mass storage), it cannot be controlled from the KENWOOD car audio system. For how to turn on the USB mass storage, refer to the Manual that comes with it.

Supported Languages

KENWOOD Music Control supports nine languages; Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, and Chinese.

Compatible Models

For the products compatible with this application, refer to Compatible Models

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