Route Collector

How to enjoy this service.

  1. Log your activity using this application.

  2. Take pictures with this application!

  3. Create a album using the Website or the Application.

  4. Share the created trip album with your friends.

The Route Collector is a GPS logger application for recording traveling and daily outings.

Choose from up to 10 activities such as walk, car, or bicycle …and log your activity track.

Take photos of sceneries, shops, etc., on your trip or outing for your memory and record them.

Logged data and scenes can be saved as [Album].

Whether driving recommended car routes, or just simply wandering around an unfamiliar city,
if you record log, you can check which route you traveled later.

Logging data

  • When you change the activity (how to move) like drive or walk, the log recording will start. It is possible to change the activity in the middle of the activity. When you press the Stop button, the log recording will stop.
  • Logging will continue in the background.

Firstly let's choose a favorite activity from the 10 different types (Walking, Driving, Cycling etc..) and let's try recording a tracking log!

Let's leave the photo if you encounter an impressive scene

Recording Scene

  • Camera Function
  • Photos taken with other camera applications can also be imported from the folder.

Creating Album

  • You can make a trip album from the recorded logs and scenes.
  • Created albums will be publically posted on the Route Collector Web page.
  • Created albums can be posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Please select the log you want to album

If you want to create an album that includes a photo,you press "Scene" button and select a photo

Checking Albums

  • Your trip album is marked with an icon at the location on the map where you have made it.
  • Trip albums posted by other users are also marked on the map. You can refer them before going out.

"Where To" function

  • It is the function to save the location where the scene is taken or you select on the map as the destination.
    You can send the route information to the navigation from the map app or NaviBridge app designed by DENSO.
    Refer to the support page for the details of "NaviBridge".

"Photo Location" function

  • If you register a location to your favorite, you will be notified when you are around that location.
    You can check the registered Photo Location with the list.
    You can change the setting of the notification in the Setting.

"Favorite" function

  • It is the function to store your favorite albums.

Private setting

  • You can set up to 3 locations that you would not like to log your traveling track.
    It is convenience to use if you don't want for others to know your area of activity.
    It is convenience to set if you don't want for others to know around your house.

Battery setting

  • When you set it On, the log recording automatically stops when the remaining battery goes down below 10%.

Linkage with the Website

  • The Route Collector is linked to the website.
    On the Website, albums posted on the map can be viewed, routes can be created using your favorite albums, and created albums can also be edited.
  • The web site for smartphone is opened for public.

♦ Supported Languages ♦

English (US/UK), French, German, Italian, Spanish, Netherlandic, Portugues, Russian and Japanese

♦ Recommend iPhones ♦

iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPhone5s, iPhone5c (iOS 7.0 to iOS10)

Major update history of Route Collector

Ver. 2.0.1

  • Total layout is changed to meet iOS7.
  • The means to make album is improved.
  • The function to register favorite album is added.
  • "Where To" function that set the destination is added.
    You can send the route information to the navigation from the map app or NaviBridge app designed by DENSO.
  • "Photo Location" function that you save the location where you want to go someday is added.
  • Help function is added.

Ver. 1.1.2

  • Add the corresponding language.
    English (UK), French, German, Italian, Spanish, Netherlandic, Portugues, Russian
  • Add in-app advertising.


  • It is prohibited to operate your iPhone while driving. Please park in a safe area before operation.
  • This app records the track log by using GPS. The track log can also be recorded while you use other functions.
    Therefore the buttery consumption may become higher. In this case frequent battery charge is requested.
  • This App shall be offered without charge to the User. However, any miscellaneous expenses such as packet communication, and others for use this App shall be borne by User.
  • On using this App, please never perform infringement or acts that may likely infringe on the proprietary rights, honor, trustworthiness, portrait rights, privacy, publicity rights, and other rights or profits of us or third parties.
  • We may use all information (including but not limited to text information, image information, and others) that were released, posted, uploaded, or saved by User through using this App toward improvement and smooth operation of this App and Route Collector.

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