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Nominal Impedance4 Ω
DC Resistance3.6 Ω
Voice Coil Inductance (mH)1.5
Piston Area (Sd)0.051
Force Factor (Bl)10.2
Volume Acoustic Compliance (Vas)78.7 liters (2.779 cu. ft.)
Moving Mass (Mms)184.0 g
Resonance Frequency (Fs)25 Hz
Mechanical Q Factor (Qms)6.8
Electrical Q Factor (Qes)1.05
Total Q Factor (Qts)0.9
Maximum Peak Power1,200 W
Peak Excursion (Xmax)15.1 mm
Displacement2,155 cc (0.072 cu. ft.)
Mounting Depth153 mm (6 in)
Weight of Magnet1,780 g
Voice Coil Diameter65 mm