VHF/UHF Digital and Analog TKR-D710/D810

Digital - Conventional Mode

DMR Tier 2 Conventional
DMR Conventional IP Network
*Requires KTI-5 Network Interface Unit
DMR Auto Slot Select (DASS) ready
12.5kHz channel
1 Color code Repeater Control Built-in
Over-the-Air Alias
Over-the-Air Programming (Repeat only)
Digital / Analog Mixed Mode
Site Roaming
Group / Individual Call
Status, Short Data, Paging Call
Remote Stun, Kill, Monitor, Check,
& Control
Call Interrupt
ARC4 Enhanced Encryption
(Repeat only)
AES/DES Encryption (Repeat only)
1,000 GIDs Per Site
1,000 UIDs Per Site
FM - Conventional Mode

FM - Conventional Mode

VHF: 25 & 12.5 kHz Channels
UHF: 25 & 12.5 kHz Channels
16 QT / DQT Repeater Control Built-in
Hang Timer / Time Out Timer / CW ID


50 / 40W @ 50% Duty
25 / 25W @ 100% Duty
DMR & Analog Mode
Repeater Operation
Two-Digit LED Display
6 Illuminated Programmable Function Keys
Programmable AUX I/O’s
(Base Operations and some of external devices are not available.)
RF Power Down Detect
DTMF Front Panel PF Key Control (Analog Only)
DTMF AUX Output Control (Analog Only)
DTMF AUX Input Monitoring (Analog Only)
Windows® PC Programming
Flash Firmware Upgrading
DMR AIS IP Console Interface
*Requires KTI-5 Network Interface Unit