Portable UHF Business Two-Way Radio TK-3230

Compact, Lightweight Design & Operating Ease

Compact enough to carry anywhere with ease, this smart new radio has a distinctively ergonomic form that’s handy to hold and operate. It weighs a mere 5.5 oz (155 g) with the rechargeable Li-ion battery and control buttons, which are simple to use with PTT, MON, MENU, CALL, UP and DOWN operations.

1.5 Watts Transmit Power & Range of up to 5 Miles

The ProTalk® XLS offers 1.5 watts of power to enable direct radio-to-radio communication on the same frequency (simplex) for up to 5 miles.

Talk Range
Open areas without obstructions Up to 5 miles (8 km)
Residential areas (near buildings) Up to 1.5 miles (2.4 km)
In steel and/or concrete reinforced buildings Up to 225,000 sq. ft (20,900 sq. m)
In high-rise buildings Up to 17 floors

Note: Talk range will vary based on terrain and conditions.

All-in-One Package

The ProTalk® XLS is ready for use immediately after purchase. It comes with all necessary accessories, including a fast charger, a 2,000 mAh Li-ion battery and a belt clip.

Battery life (5-5-90 duty cycle) Saver on: 18 hours
Saver off: 14 hours
Battery charging time 2.5 hours

56 Programmable Pre-stored Frequencies

Each of the 2 channels can be programmed by the user to any of the 56 pre-stored frequencies.

39-QT/ 83-DQT Coded Squelch

Sub-audible QT tone & DQT digital codes mute undesired voice traffic audio and segregate user talk groups on shared frequencies or radio system. The user can pick any of the pre-stored channel settings — 39 QT tones and 83 DQT codes.


The ability to choose frequency and QT/DQT channel settings allows the ProTalk® to operate on the same channels and coded squelch tones as other UHF business radio brands. So choosing the KENWOOD ProTalk® XLS will not impact on any of your previous investments in radio equipment.

SELCALL — FleetSync® PTT ID and Caller ID Display

KENWOOD’s FleetSync® digital signaling system includes PTT ID digital ANI for instant radio call identification. FleetSync® also includes caller ID display and selective calling (Individual call, Group call and Broadcast call). Users can also set the alert tone (1-10, Off) for Individual call and Group/Broadcast call.

4-digit 7-segment LCD with Backlight

The large 4-digit 7-segment display makes it easy to check on both channel and signaling information. There is also a 3-level icon in the LCD to indicate how much battery power is left.

Channel Scan

Scanning is a simple way to monitor multiple channels without manually searching.


- Apply MIL-STD C, D, E, F - 8 items (refer to MIL-STD chart below)
- Built-in VOX
- Built-in Privacy Talk®
- Key Lock/Super Lock
- Compander
- Battery Saver
- 10-call Alert Tone
- Scan
- Busy Channel Lockout