Professional Two-way Radios

IP Network TKR-Dx10srs KTI-5 TKR-Dx10srs KTI-5 AIS-compliant Dispatch Console IP IP / AIS IP IP Network TKR-D710/D810 VHF/UHF DIGITAL REPEATER KTI-5 INTERFACE BOX • DMR Tier II Conventional • Mixed Digital & FM Analog Operation • Conventional IP Network *1 • DMR AIS IP Console Interface *1, 2 *1 Requires Interface Box KTI-5 installed with the IP Network Software. *2 AIS stands for Application Interface Standard, which is a voice/data communications protocol set by the DMR Association. DMR: Conventional IP Network DMR: Conventional IP Network with AIS IP Console Interface DMR line-up offering high efficiency and KENWOOD performance. LAND MOBILE RADIOS DMR Digital Models DMR IP Networking Systems 09 DMR PROTOCOL LMRs