05 September 2017

    <Important Notice>
    Warning regarding counterfeit versions of our rear-view cameras for automobiles

    We appreciate your selecting our products and would like to express our thanks for your loyal patronage.

    Recently, we found that there are counterfeit versions of our rear-view cameras for automobiles bearing our “KENWOOD logo” being sold in Malaysia.

    We requested the Enforcement Division of the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism (MDTCC) to conduct raid actions against the retailers of the counterfeit goods. The MDTCC succeeded in seizing a total of 1320 units of rear-view cameras from Yee Kong Auto Accessories Sdn Bhd. We have verified that the seized goods bearing our KENWOOD logo did not originate from us and understand that the matter has since been prosecuted by the MDTCC.

    We have and will continue to take rigorous and aggressive actions against any parties dealing with the counterfeit goods including manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

    Please note that the production of counterfeit goods does not comply with our stringent safety standards and we assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages resulting from such use of counterfeit goods, which may pose a serious risk to safety including accidents and/or malfunctions.

    Thank you for your understanding in this matter and for your continued support.

    JVC KENWOOD Corporation
    JVCKENWOOD Malaysia Sdn.Bhd

    • - Triangle device above the “W” is in black.
    • - The Model number is directly printed on the package box.
    • - Triangle device above the “W” is in red.
    • - The model number is printed on a seal placed on the package box.

    05 September 2017




    我们已经要求国内贸易、合作社及消费部(MDTCC)执法组对售卖假冒商品的零售商进行突击检查行动。 而MDTCC成功从Yee Kong汽车配件有限公司总共扣押了1320台后视摄像机。我们已经证实,所扣押的附有我们KENWOOD标志的货物并非源于我们,并且了解到MDTCC已经就此事提出了控诉。




    JVC KENWOOD Corporation
    JVCKENWOOD Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

    • - “W”上方的三角形设计为黑色。
    • - 型号直接打印在包装盒上。
    • - “W”上方的三角形设计为红色。
    • - 型号打印在附于包装盒的图章上。