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  • March 7, 2011

Information on the KENWOOD Booth at IWCE 2011
Offering total wireless communications systems based on the theme of
“Digital Systems & Multimedia Solutions.”

Kanagawa, Japan, March 7, 2011 — KENWOOD Corporation, an operating company of the JVC KENWOOD Group, will exhibit at this year’s International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), the world’s largest exposition and trade fair for radio communication equipment and systems, to be held March 9-11 in Las Vegas. Visitors to KENWOOD’s booth will be able to view total wireless communications systems optimized for a variety of applications ranging from the business & industry market to the public safety market.

  • Image depiction of the KENWOOD booth

1. KENWOOD’s approach and the IWCE 2011 booth concept

In the field of professional wireless communications, the shift to digital technologies has been gaining momentum in recent years. In North America, Europe and Asia KENWOOD is marketing NEXEDGE® digital radio systems for the business & industry market — including hospitality/entertainment complexes and factories — and also Project 25 (P25)* professional digital radio equipment targeted at the North American public safety market — for police and fire departments, etc. Sales have been growing steadily, year on year. Moreover, KENWOOD is able to draw on the technologies, products and systems of Group companies Zetron, Inc. — a US supplier of mission-critical communications solutions — and Japan Victor Company Ltd. (JVC) to pursue a growth strategy aimed at expanding KENWOOD’s business from the supply of radio equipment to the provision of multimedia system solutions based on wireless technologies.

Based on the theme of “Digital Systems & Multimedia Solutions” the KENWOOD booth at IWCE 2011 will highlight multimedia system solutions optimized for diverse applications. The wide range of exhibits, focusing on NEXEDGE® digital radio systems and P25 professional digital radio equipment, will also include systems that combine these products with Zetron’s command & control system (consoles, controllers) that forms the core of a total communications system. Also on display will be a system that utilizes the fast data communications made possible by digital radio and JVC’s image processing technologies.

* P25 is a suite of professional digital radio standards designed mainly for the US public safety market, including police and fire departments.

2. Main exhibits at IWCE 2011

NEXEDGE® digital radio systems

Three years ago NEXEDGE® was launched, and over that period the product lineup and applications have been expanded, resulting in versatile digital radio systems that can satisfy diverse customer needs for functionality and scalability. A recent addition is the KTI-4 Telephone Interconnect Adapter, which links NEXEDGE® systems with telephone networks. And available from this March will be KENWOOD’s new OTAP (Over-the-Air-Programming) software, which makes it possible to reconfigure all subscriber units in a NEXEDGE® digital radio system remotely: there is thus no need to physically recall all portable and mobile radios from the field in order to reconfigure each individual unit. There will be a demonstration of the OTAP Manager at the KENWOOD booth.

P25 professional digital radio equipment

KENWOOD is expanding its range of P25 professional digital radio equipment for the US public safety market with trunking-compatible TK-5220/5320 portable radios. On display at this year’s IWCE will be a demonstration of a new 800 MHz P25 trunking system in addition to the VHF & UHF systems already offered.

Multimedia system solutions from the JVC KENWOOD Group

Also on exhibit will be a range of solutions — such as the Wireless Image System and the Indoor Personnel Tracking System — that combine KENWOOD’s radio technologies, Zetron’s command & control system, and JVC’s still image processing technologies.

Wireless Image System
This system uses digital radios to transmit compressed still images with high picture quality, enabling visual surveillance/monitoring at sites where it would be difficult to install wired cameras or arrange for security staff. This equipment can even be used where there is no available power supply: a system that is capable of powering itself using a solar panel will be on view as a reference display.

Indoor Personnel Tracking System
Inside buildings where it is not possible to track people using GPS, this system (a reference display) can provide positional information using wireless technology. From a control room it is possible to use surveillance cameras to monitor the movements of security staff, etc.

Registered Trademark

NEXEDGE® is a registered trademark of KENWOOD Corporation in the USA, Japan and other countries.

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