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  • November 16, 2010

KENWOOD NEXEDGE® Digital Communication System Utilized For
18th APEC Economic Leaders Meeting in Yokohama

Kanagawa, Japan, November 16, 2010 — KENWOOD Corporation (an operating company of the JVC KENWOOD Group) has announced that its NEXEDGE® professional digital two-way radio system was utilized at APEC Japan 2010 (7-14 November), contributing to the smooth management of conferences held for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, culminating with the Economic Leaders’ Meeting held in Yokohama, Japan.

The KENWOOD digital radio system employed for the 18th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting was based on NEXEDGE® digital very narrow band technology, which is serving thousands of customers throughout North America — including public service organizations such as railroad and utility companies, as well as public safety and general business and industry sectors. NEXEDGE® technology deployments continue to grow rapidly as organizations seek narrow band digital technology with expanded features for voice communications.

In addition to the press-to-talk instant call capability offered by analog radios, the NEXEDGE® Series offers the advantages of digital technology, including secured voice, minimal noise, advanced data and wide area coverage with multichannel access via multiple repeaters using IP networks. The digital communications network used for APEC Japan 2010 combined portable radios with fixed repeaters.

The NEXEDGE® Series demonstrated superior performance and reliability throughout the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Yokohama. KENWOOD is committed to the continued expansion of NEXEDGE® deployments worldwide. Aiming to continue qualitative growth by shifting from the supply of radio equipment to the provision of systems serving as total wireless communications solutions, KENWOOD will continue to develop advanced operational infrastructure to make it a strong worldwide supplier of complete communications systems solutions.

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NEXEDGE® Series products used at the 18th APEC Economic Leaders Meeting in Yokohama

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