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  • August 16, 2010

KENWOOD’s KIV-700 Garners the European In-Car Head Unit Award of EISA’s Prestigious
2010-2011 In-Car Electronics Panel Awards

EUROPEAN In-Car Head Unit 2010-2011, KENWOOD KIV-700

Kanagawa, Japan, August 16, 2010 — KENWOOD Corporation today announced that its KIV-700 Digital Media Receiver has garnered the 2010-2011 European Imaging and Sound Association’s (EISA) European In-Car Head Unit award — one of Europe’s most prestigious prizes for new products in the electronics industry. And this distinction marks the second consecutive year that KENWOOD has won this award in the same category.

  • EISA AWARD Best Product 2010-2011 IN-CAR HEAD UNIT KENWOOD KIV-700

The awarded KIV-700 is KENWOOD’s first In-Dash Digital Media Receiver without a CD mechanism, and it is designed specifically for iPod/iPhone and USB media applications. In spite of its 1-DIN compact size, the KIV-700 not only features a full-colour 3-inch TFT monitor but also provides playback of music and video sources from a number of connected media storage devices such as iPhones and iPods via the supplied iPod Interface Cable, as well as USB memory and USB-enabled digital audio players. It also offers the same control-key layout as the iPod, allowing iPod users to enjoy comfortable and intuitive operation in any situation. Equipped with an array of beneficial features, the KIV-700 opens up new possibilities in the world of in-car entertainment.

The Winners
EUROPEAN In-Car Head Unit 2010-2011

• KENWOOD KIV-700 Digital Media Receiver

< EISA comments >

This company’s first diskless receiver takes a big step toward satisfying the needs of the music and video lover of today’s world, where media files are stored on computers and selected from playlists instead of from a CD pack. The KIV-700 will easily reproduce audio and video from external storage devices such as; USB sticks, portable HDD and iPod/iPhone in a wide variety of formats and resolutions. Video content can be watched on the unit’s own 3 inch screen. Diskless KENWOOD uses the highest quality uncompressed WAV format and employs a comprehensive DSP so sound purists won't be disappointed either.

The EISA Awards

The EISA awards presented by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) recognize those new products that combine the most advanced technologies, the most desirable features, the ultimate expression of design, the most satisfying ergonomics, and of course, the best value for money. The association’s “European Awards” are both prestigious and authoritative — a mark of excellence for consumers and industry people in Europe and much of the rest of the world.

Formed in 1982, EISA is an organization for the editors of leading European magazines in the fields of Audio & Home Theatre, In-Car Electronics, Photo, Video, and Mobile Devices. It currently has a membership of 50 magazines from 19 different European countries. Each year, the organization selects the best Audio & Home Theatre, In-Car Electronics, Photo, Video, and Mobile Devices for special recognition.

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