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  • August 13, 2010

KENWOOD Announces Launch of the TS-590S HF/50MHz All Mode Transceiver
Combining outstanding RX performance with operating ease for all amateur radio enthusiasts

Kanagawa, Japan, August 13, 2010 — KENWOOD Corporation has announced the October launch of the TS-590S, a new HF/50MHz all mode transceiver with remarkable RX performance designed to enable a wide range of users — from beginners to seasoned DX’ers — to enjoy a full range of ham radio pursuits.

Device Model Launch Region
HF/50MHz All-mode Transceiver
(100W output)
TS-590S Oct. 2010 Worldwide

Rationale and outline

In recent years HF transceivers have become a very important part of the Amateur Radio market, accounting for as much as one half of the markets total value. Wireless communications represents one of KENWOOD’s core businesses, and by marketing products with advanced technologies the company has established a high profile worldwide. It is clear that the amateur radio market is indispensable to its wireless communications business as a whole.

Among its many appealing features, the new TS-590S employs down conversion for the first IF, resulting in Excellent Dynamic Range when adjacent unwanted signals are present. It is also equipped with a 32-bit Floating-point DSP featuring advanced technology that enables unique IF AGC. These and other cutting-edge technologies realize the first-rate RX performance that HF enthusiasts all over the world have been waiting for.

In addition, the TS-590S offers superb operating ease thanks to such features as a simple menu for intuitive operation and a large display that ensures outstanding visibility. Equipped with a USB port, this transceiver can be connected to a computer using a standard USB cable.

The new TS-590S will on display in the KENWOOD booth at Ham Fair 2010, the largest amateur radio event of its kind in Asia, to be held at the Tokyo Big Sight over the weekend of August 21~22, 2010.

Main Features

1.Superb RX Performance: Excellent Dynamic Range Even with Powerful Off-frequency Interference

• Powerful 500Hz / 2.7kHz roofing filter

When receiving on one of the main Amateur bands under 21MHz, the TS-590S employs down conversion* for the first IF (11.374MHz). Having the 1st roofing filter (6kHz BW) directly after the Mixer enhances the noise blanker’s ability to deal with adjacent off-frequency signals. And the 2nd roofing filter — which comes after the post amplifier and really determines RX performance — is equipped as standard with a 500Hz / 2.7kHz BW 6-pole MCF. This results in superb dynamic range when adjacent signals are present, performance that was not previously possible using up conversion. So even when an interfering signal approaches the target frequency, a virtually flat dynamic range is maintained. Even in with strong adjacent interference, you can capture a clear signal.

* For 1.8/3.5/7/14/21MHz amateur bands, when receiving in CW/FSK/SSB modes down conversion is selected automatically if the final passband is 2.7kHz or less.

• DDS offers superb C/N (Carrier to Noise ratio) characteristics, significantly cutting noise generated by adjacent unwanted signals

For the 1st local oscillator frequency, instead of employing conventional PLL/VCO, the output of a DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) is supplied directly to the following mixer. When down conversion is active, the oscillator frequency is lower than it is with up conversion, so the output boasts even better C/N (Carrier to Noise ratio) characteristics and a desirable level of reciprocal mixing.

* Reciprocal Mixing´╝ÜTo measure the level of reciprocal mixing, an off-channel signal is mixed with the output of a signal generator, which is then varied until the unwanted signal can be detected as noise. The higher the figure, the less noise will be generated by adjacent interference, allowing undisturbed reception.

2. Wide Range of Features Thanks to 32-bit Floating-point DSP

• Advanced AGC with digital signal processing from the IF stage onward

The TS-590S employs a DSP from the IF stage onward. KENWOOD was the first to offer DSP-based IF AGC in an amateur radio (TS-870) and this DSP technology has been further enhanced for the TS-590S, resulting in the development of a unique approach to IF AGC.

It is possible to apply level-optimized AGC even for signals that slip between the roofing filter and the final IF passband. You can be confident of optimum operation at all times, without having to think about the roofing filter bandwidth.

Gain control performance has been greatly improved for the target signal in the final IF passband (RX band). This results in in-band IMD (intermodulation distortion) characteristics on a par with those of top-of-the-line transceivers. You can enjoy superb RX with next-generation KENWOOD sound.

3. Stable operation guaranteed. Designed for high reliability.

• 100W heavy-duty design

The cooling system features a pair of 60×60 mm fans of the same size as on the previous model. Having two fans provides sufficient air flow at low rpm, ensuring quiet operation. Meticulous attention has been paid not only to the fans and motors but also to the size and shape of the intake/exhaust vents as a comprehensive approach to noise reduction. The aluminum die-cast chassis is combined with a large heat sink to enhance heat dissipation efficiency, minimizing the rise in temperature in the final section during continuous TX sessions. This heavy-duty design is capable of withstanding long hours of operation under grueling conditions typical of contests or DXpeditions.

• Built-in automatic antenna tuner

The preset-type automatic antenna tuner enables quick band changing and can even operate when the TS-590S is receiving. When the TX frequency changes, the requisite preset data (stored separately for each antenna band) is loaded into the antenna tuner circuit to ensure that optimum matching is rapidly achieved without having to retune.

4. Superior Ease of Operation Plus A More Enjoyable TX/RX Performance

• User-friendly menus, outstanding operating ease

The TS-590S features menus for intuitive access to features. The combination of menu and arrow keys makes operation intuitive. Also, the menu mode is visible in the main area, while the sub area scrolls through the relevant guidance information.

• Large display with 2-color LED backlight

The large display ensures outstanding visibility under all conditions. And you can select amber or green for the LED backlight.

• USB connectivity for PC control

Thanks to the addition of a USB port, the TS-590S can be hooked up to a PC with a USB cable, enabling PC control of the transceiver plus TX/RX audio connectivity.

For further information, please contact:

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