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  • June 4, 2010

KENWOOD End User CSX Corporation Reduces Total Operating Cost With NEXEDGE® Digital Radio System

KENWOOD Corporation (KENWOOD), an operating company of the JVC KENWOOD Group, received a letter of appreciation in February from CSX Transportation, Inc. (CSX). CSX is one of four Class 1 railroads who operate nationwide radio systems. They have deployed KENWOOD’s NEXEDGE® professional digital radio equipment that allowed a seamless transition from analog to digital radios technology that provided added benefit by reducing its total operating costs.


Letter of appreciation from CSX

CSX recognizes corporations that have helped it to reduce its total costs with a letter of appreciation. In 2009, 25 corporations received the letter, and KENWOOD was given a letter of appreciation for helping to cut CSX’s total costs with a system that was part of our NEXEDGE® series of professional digital radio systems.

We received recognition because the Association of American Railroads, of which CSX is a member, had been introducing facilities with a view to switching from analog to digital radio technology. The NEXEDGE® series not only enabled CSX to have a smooth, low-cost transition from analog to digital systems, but also provided low noise communication, greater range, and enhanced data communication functions.

The NEXEDGE® series has been adopted by a wide range of customers from public service organizations, to railroad companies, electric power companies, Business & Industry (private industry) and specialized mobile radio (SMR) operators which provide their proprietary wireless communication networks as a business.,NEXEDGE® is a growing product category for KENWOOD Corporation and demand has sharply risen during the past twelve months.

KENWOOD will continue to promote sales of the NEXEDGE® digital radio systems worldwide and maintain our global leadership for professional wireless radio equipment in the Business & Industry (private industry) market. We will continue to facilitate our business expansion that up to now have been centering on wireless radio terminals to system solutions, to forge ahead with developing a foundation for new breakthroughs.

  • VHF Digital & FM Mobile Radio

  • VHF Digital & FM Portable Radio


NEXEDGE® series introduced by CSX


NEXEDGE® is KENWOOD’s registered trademark in the U.S., Japan and other countries.

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