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  • March 9, 2010

Information on the KENWOOD Booth at IWCE 2010
KENWOOD offers total wireless communications systems based on the theme of
“Global Innovation. Global Solutions. KENWOOD.”

Kanagawa, Japan, March 9, 2010 — KENWOOD Corporation, an operating company of the JVC KENWOOD Group, will exhibit at this year’s International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE), the world’s largest exposition and trade fair for radio communication equipment and systems, to be held March 10-12 in Las Vegas. Visitors to KENWOOD’s booth will be able to view radio systems optimized for a variety of applications ranging from the business & industry market to the public safety market.

  • Image depiction of the KENWOOD booth

1. KENWOOD’s approach and the IWCE 2010 booth concept

KENWOOD’s communications business, one of the company’s key divisions, has the second largest share of the global market for professional transceivers — KENWOOD’s core products.

In this field the shift to digital technologies has been gaining momentum. KENWOOD is marketing NEXEDGE® digital radio systems in North America, Europe and Asia for the business & industry market — including hospitality/entertainment complexes and factories — and also Project 25 (P25)* professional digital radio equipment targeted at the North American public safety market — for police and fire departments, etc. Sales have been growing steadily, year on year. Moreover, KENWOOD is able to draw on the technologies, products and systems of Group companies Zetron, Inc. — a US supplier of mission-critical communications solutions — and Victor Company of Japan, Limited. (JVC) to pursue a growth strategy aimed at expanding KENWOOD’s business from the supply of radio equipment to the provision of systems that serve as total wireless communications solutions.

Based on the theme of “Global Innovation. Global Solutions. KENWOOD.” the KENWOOD booth at IWCE 2010 will offer total wireless communications solutions optimized for diverse applications. The wide range of exhibits, focusing on NEXEDGE® digital radio systems and P25* professional digital radio equipment, will also include systems that combine these products with Zetron’s integrated command and control systems that forms the core of a total communications system.

In addition, the booth will include a reference display — based on joint development work being conducted with JVC — as a system solution that exploits one of the advantages of digital radio, namely high-speed data communications.

2. Main exhibits at IWCE 2010

NEXEDGE® digital radio systems

On display at the booth will be NEXEDGE® digital radio systems, which KENWOOD launched in the North American market in December 2007. Marketing has since been expanded to Europe and Asia.

Supporting both digital and analog communications, NEXEDGE® offers an inexpensive, soft migration path from legacy analog. When operating in digital mode, it offers the distinctive advantages of digital radio technology, including inherent secured voice, low noise, increased effective coverage area, and extensive data communications features.

Sales of NEXEDGE® is expanding, particularly to public service organizations such as rail and power companies, to the business & industry market, and to radio service companies.

NEXEDGE® Wireless image system

KENWOOD has been working with JVC to develop a NEXEDGE® wireless image system, and this will be exhibited as a reference display. By combining JVC’s image compression technology with KENWOOD’s narrow-band (12.5kHz/6.25kHz) digital radio transmission technology, this system makes it possible to transmit still images at high speed.

P25* professional digital radio equipment

Also on display will be P25* professional digital radio equipment for the US public safety market. As with NEXEDGE®, users can benefit from inherent secured voice, low noise, increased effective coverage area, and extensive data communications features.

Total wireless communications system

With the addition of Zetron’s integrated command and control systems, KENWOOD provides turnkey communication solutions including P25 and NEXEDGE® digital radios for public safety and enterprise applications. KENWOOD will be demonstrating a Zetron RDS (Radio Dispatch System) console using the Zetron iRIM (Intelligent Radio Interface Module) and a NEXEDGE® trunked system.

* P25 is a suite of professional digital radio standards designed mainly for the US public safety market, including police and fire departments.

    digital radio systems
    VHF/UHF Digital &
    FM Portable Transceivers

  • P25 professional digital radio equipment
    700/800 MHz P25 Mobile Transceivers

Registered Trademark

NEXEDGE® is a registered trademark of KENWOOD Corporation in the USA, Japan and other countries.

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