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  • February 17, 2010

Launch of New Simple NEXEDGE® Portable Transceivers

Kanagawa, Japan, February 17, 2010 — As part of the ongoing expansion of its digital radio business, KENWOOD Corporation (KENWOOD), an operating company of the JVC KENWOOD Group, has announced the launch of simple portable transceivers with a limited feature set — new additions to the NEXEDGE® digital radio systems marketed primarily in North America, Europe and Asia.

Device Model Launch Region
VHF Digital & FM Portable Transceiver NX-200S Late February Europe
UHF Digital & FM Portable Transceiver NX-300S Late February Europe

  • NX-200S

  • NX-300S

Rationale and outline

KENWOOD’s communications business, one of the company’s key divisions, has the second largest share of the global market for professional transceivers — KENWOOD’s core products.

In this field the shift to digital technologies has been gaining momentum, and in December 2007 KENWOOD started marketing NEXEDGE® digital radio systems that offer a soft migration path from legacy analog. Sales have been steadily growing, year on year, mainly in the business & industry market that includes radio services, hospitality/entertainment complexes, utility companies, technology campuses and multi-agency public safety systems.

In order to further accelerate the evolution from analog to digital among users of professional communications equipment, and to expand its digital radio business, KENWOOD has now added the limited feature set NX-200S/300S to the NEXEDGE® system line-up, which has so far concentrated on high- functionality models. While offering the same basic advantages of digital radio technology, such as inherent secured voice and increased effective coverage area, these two models are also very easy to set up and simple to operate.

KENWOOD has been actively introducing NEXEDGE® systems worldwide to commercial and private operators who want the advantages of digital technology, but with traditional mandatory command and control. At the same time, the company is laying the foundation for achieving strong qualitative growth with investments centered on system solutions.

Registered Trademark

NEXEDGE® is a registered trademark of KENWOOD Corporation in the USA, Japan and other countries.

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