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November 21, 2008
KENWOOD’s manufacturing subsidiary in Singapore wins the Innovation
Excellence Award, one of the Singapore Quality Awards given by the Singaporean
Government to organizations demonstrating innovation excellence.
We are pleased to announce that KENWOOD Electronics Technologies Singapore (“KETS”), a wholly-owned Singaporean manufacturing subsidiary of KENWOOD Corporation (President - Kazuo Shiohata; Head Office - Hachioji City, Tokyo), won the Innovation Excellence Award 2008 (“I-Award”).

The Award is administered by Singapore’s Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING Singapore) and given to organization with a systematic approach in developing the organizational management capabilities for sustaining innovation. It is evaluated using the niche standard for innovation, one of the three niche standards based on the business excellence framework, a comprehensive framework to help organizations develop and strengthen their management systems and processes to achieve high performance and become more competitive. The framework adopted by over 80 countries worldwide is aligned with the business excellence frameworks for the US Malcom Baldridge Quality Award, European Excellence Award, Japan Quality Award, and the Australia Business Excellence Award.

To KETS, the I-Award represents another round of honor coming on the heels of the Manufacturing Excellence Award (MAXA) 2006 Finalist Award and MAXA 2007 Innovation Award conferred by Singapore’s Economic Development Board and its partners, McKinsey & Company, and the Singapore-MIT Alliance in 2006 and 2007 respectively, making KETS one of the most highly recognized organizations among various business types and groups. The latest award was conferred in recognition of KETS’ continued undertaking of manufacturing innovation activities, its further quality improvements, and its proactive R&D efforts. The award has served as an ample proof that KETS has surpassed the high standards worthy of international recognition in all respects, including its qualitative reliability, R&D capabilities, and initiatives to cope with environmental issues.

The award ceremony was held on October 7. As one of its business excellence award winners, KETS was invited by SPRING Singapore for KETS to share its best practices for Innovation at the Business Excellence (BE) Award Winners sharing session held on November 17 and 18. The session is a platform to showcase this year’s BE award winners and also an opportunity for organizations from both public and private sectors to learn from the experiences and best practices of the winners in areas such as innovation, leadership and human resources development. A total of five representatives from KETS, including Managing Director Mizuhara presented at this session. We at KENWOOD Corporation are encouraged by this award and will remain committed to making every effort to further enhance the company’s reliability, innovativeness, and sustainability as a global enterprise developing its business around the world.
Prime Minister Presentation
At the Award Ceremony (with Minister Lim Swee Say of the Prime Minister’s Office) Presentation by KETS
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