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October 28 , 2008
Home Electronics
New Product Announcement
KENWOOD releases “Prodino” (CORE-A55).
Prodino stands for high-quality reproduction of music data and extended
connectivity with digital media including DAP’s and computers.

KENWOOD Corporation* is pleased to announce the release of Prodino (CORE-A55) in January 2009. Prodino, a combination of a digital amplifier and speaker system is capable of reproducing music data in high sound quality from a variety of equipment ranging from personal computers (hereinafter, “computers”), digital audio players (hereinafter, “DAPs”) such as iPod, and digital media including SD cards, to analog equipment.

On October 1, 2008, KENWOOD Corporation became a wholly-owned subsidiary of JVC KENWOOD Holdings Inc., a joint holding company established through a share transfer following the management integration of KENWOOD Corporation and Victor Company of Japan, Limited.
Nowadays, the volume of singles sold and distributed via computers and mobile phones exceeds the number of CD singles. Users have significantly changed their style of consuming music. From conventional media such as CD’s and MD’s, there has been a shift to data recorded on DAP’s (e.g. iPod) and media like computers and mobile phones. With this change in users’ lifestyles, new devices contain features like USB terminals, HDDs and flash memories. However, the way people use audio is still focused on CD’s and MD’s. KENWOOD provides the answer with the Prodino, the logical step to the next generation audio equipment.

Prodino (CORE-A55) has a wide range of connection ports, to be compatible with a variety of sources, like iPod, SD cards, portable CD or MD players. Prodino reproduces high quality sound regardless of the used equipment, by feeding the music signals directly from the digital device into the digital amplifier, thus avoiding extra signal conversion. In addition, KENWOOD has equipped the new product with full digital processing, an analog/digital isolation structure that eliminates any deterioration in sound and a newly developed full range unit, providing natural sounds. Over the years, KENWOOD has cultivated these technologies. As a result, Prodino can reproduce compressed music data at a very high quality sound. Furthermore, the amplifier component can be set up both horizontally and vertically. In the vertical position, amplifier and speaker can be placed closely together, allowing the Prodino to be installed in a narrow space, not more than 260 mm wide. A perfect companion on a small desk, or beside your bed.
Key features of Prodino (CORE-A55)
Connect function/operability
1.  Compact size. Equipped with wide range of connecting ports. High sound quality.
2. Comes ready to use and can be set up either vertically or horizontally
3. Comes with an attached stand, allowing the speaker angles to be adjusted
4. Realizes both user-friendliness and simple exterior
High quality sound technologies (amplifier component)
1.  High performance (full digital processing)
2. Analog/digital isolation structure that reduces deterioration in sound quality
3. Clean electric power source providing signal amplification with strongly reduced distortion
4. Aluminum package that has both integrity and rigidity
5. Equipped with full digital headphone amplifier, designed exclusively for the product
6. User adjustable sound mode and tone.
High quality sound technologies (speaker component)
1.  Newly developed full-range unit which produces natural sounds
2. High rigidity aluminum cabinet
3. Passive radiator which extensively augments low pitched sounds
About trademarks
iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
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