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Aug 27, 2008
IFA 2008: KENWOOD proposes new lifestyles enriched with superior sound quality
and seamless entertainment under the theme
Our Music, Your Lifestyle.
KENWOOD Corporation (President and CEO - Kazuo Shiohata; head office - Hachioji, Tokyo) is pleased to announce its participation in IFA 2008, an Berlin International Consumer Electronics Exhibition to be held in Berlin, Germany, from August 29 to September 3. It will exhibit a multitude of high value-added products in the areas of home electronics and car electronics, further highlighting the superior sound quality and the approach to seamless sound entertainment through the integration of sound and radio communication.

Background and concept for KENWOOD's participation in IFA 2008
Our Music, Your Lifestyle - for more comfortable enjoyment of music suited to various lifestyles
The recent wave of digitalization has brought major changes to the audio market. The widespread use of digital media, including flash memory and HDDs, has led to a growing number of Digital Audio Player (DAP) users; this signifies a far wider arena for the enjoyment of music. Therefore, there is a growing need for a simple means to enjoy music stored on DAPs, not only outdoors but also at home.

Since its founding, KENWOOD has pursued the reproduction of superior sound quality under the concept of reproduction of original sound. More recently, in addition to realizing high sound quality reproduction suited to the era of digital media through the fusion of traditional sound quality technology and expertise with the most innovative digital technology, in view of the changing markets, KENWOOD has also been focusing on development of products and technology that would make seamless entertainment a reality through the integration of home electronics and car electronics, a concept first proposed by KENWOOD at the 2003 IFA.

Based on such initiatives, KENWOOD's exhibits have been selected to include the following: AV control centers equipped with HDMI/DSP modules, which would enable enjoyment of AV contents of high level visual and sound quality through large-screen TV and home theater systems; audio systems equipped with double SD slots, further emphasizing our approach to seamless entertainment; and component systems equipped with an digital amplifier which excels in reproducibility of minute signals.

Main products on exhibit at IFA 2008
(1) AV control center with the HDMI/DSP module - for enjoyment of high quality visual and sound on large-screen TV and home theater systems

Wider popularity of large-screen LCDs and plasma television sets, which provide superior visual quality, has made it essential that the sound be reproduced in a precise and atmosphere-evoking manner in line with the visual quality. KENWOOD has developed AV control centers that are equiped with HDMI/DSP modules. Full, high quality HD visuals can be enjoyed together with high quality sound recorded in the new sound format adopted by Blu-ray Disks.

The HDMI/DSP module used in this product has been developed by J & K Technologies Co., Ltd., a 50-50 joint venture technological development firm established by Victor and KENWOOD. This AV control center with the HDMI/DSP module is the first product to be launched using technology jointly developed through the expertise of the two partners.

In terms of music reproduction, PURE AUDIO MODE, KENWOOD's unique music replay mode, has further evolved to enable capabilities equal to those of stereo amplifiers when replaying in two-channel stereo. Additional user-friendly functions for convenience have been added in high-end model products, such as AUTO ROOM EQ, capable of fine sound quality adjustment depending on the environment of installation, and the VIDEO CONVERT function, which allows output of analogue video signals to an HDMI link terminal.

(2) Double SD slot audio system with USB host - for even easier control of various media
The Kseries, already launched and well received in Japan and Europe, have undergone further evolution. Recording and replaying functions from/to SD and USB have been expanded in the new model. The fact that this system is equipped with double SD slots means that tunes can be moved from SD to SD and that now large-capacity storage is available to store all music obtained over time so that they can be enjoyed at one's leisure. Furthermore, storage of the attached title database (on CD-ROM) onto the SD will enable one to obtain CD music information without connecting to the network. In order to ensure high quality sound reproduction, the series has adopted Supreme, KENWOOD's proprietary registry interpolation technology that is capable of bringing compressed media data closer to the original. The higher harmonic signals that have been lost through compression are interpolated, such as the resonance of sounds from the music instruments as well as the atmosphere of concert halls, so as to faithfully reproduce the sounds in the way they were recorded.

(3) Compact Hi-Fi system, K-1000, to be released in Europe as well
The K Series K-1000, a compact Hi-Fi system, already available in Japan and also introduced in Europe starting this past spring, will be on exhibit for the first time at a European trade fair. This system will comprise a new product range, with enhanced sound reproduction capability, evoking the ambience of the concert hall or the recording studio and the reality of music, and will separate amplifier and CD units in order to further refine the sound quality performance. This series will expand into full component systems enriched with newly developed sound quality technologies, including a full digital processing amplifier and a speaker system utilizing curved baffle.

Concept specific to the exhibit in the car electronics area: "Navitainment by KENWOOD" Main product/systems on exhibit
(1) CD head units enabled for connectivity with DAPs and Bluetooth

Beginning with the 2005 models, KENWOOD has been emphasizing connectivity with large-capacity recording devices such as DAPs The new model features not only such connectivity but also full enhancements in terms of operability, design, and intuitive operation through activation of illumination synchronized with operation, made ever so much more attractive. In addition, another new model with a built-in Bluetooth function will be displayed; this model enables hands-free cell phone communication or wireless music transmission.

(2) AV-integrated car navigation with built-in Bluetooth
AV-integrated navigation systems, which are enjoying steady sales since their launch in 2007, have realized unprecedented high sound quality through full digital connectivity with DAPs as well as superior AV functions. The new model is equipped with a 5.1 channel surround processor, enabling enjoyment of true-to-original sound in vehicles as well. Furthermore, the car navigation system also has built-in Bluetooth capability to make hands-free communication and wireless tune transmission possible in the same way as CD receiver units, truly realizing full entertainment in an all-in-one onboard system. The two models to be exhibited include the high-end model, equipped with a 7-inch electrically driven display panel that allows the display's angle to be adjusted to prevent reflection, and the standard model equipped with a fixed 6.1-inch display panel.

KENWOOD, as the sole sound-dedicated manufacturer engaged in all three businesses of home electronics, car electronics, and communications (radio devices), is committed to providing products for enjoyment of good sounds through simple seamless entertainment, whether at home, away from home, or in a vehicle, and to realizing its vision of "Reaching out to discover, inspire and enhance the enjoyment of life."
KENWOOD Group is "Reaching out to discover, inspire and enhance the enjoyment of life" as part of its bold, new vision for the future. As a leader in the field of "Mobile & Home Multimedia Systems", KENWOOD is comprised of three businesses (Car Electronics, Communications Equipment and Home Electronics), 11 domestic and 25 overseas subsidiaries around the world.
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