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Aug 27, 2008
For immediate release:
KENWOOD and Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) proudly present the first result of their joint venture.
KENWOOD’s brand new AV Control Centre contains
HDMI/DSP modules developed by J&K Technologies, a joint venture for technological development established by KENWOOD and JVC.
On behalf of the KENWOOD Group, President and CEO Kazuo Shiohata of KENWOOD Corporation proudly announces that KENWOOD has completed its AV Control Centre, an AV amplifier for home cinema. This new device is the first result of a joint venture between KENWOOD and Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC), President: Kunihiko Sato.

The AV Control Centre contains HDMI/DSP modules that transmit and process digital images and audio signals. The modules were created by J&K Technologies, a joint venture for technological development of JVC and KENWOOD equipments. J&K Technologies was founded by both companies.

Besides J&K Technologies, JVC and KENWOOD plan to establish a joint holding company, JVC KENWOOD Holdings, Inc. starting October 1, 2008. J&K Technologies was already founded on October 1, 2007. This 50-50 joint venture was originally brought to life to develop the technology in the Car Audio/Multimedia business and Home Audio business, a field wherein the two companies both operate. The staff consists of approximately 130 employees; the joint forces come from both JVC and KENWOOD. Two companies plan to strengthen their position in that field - with so much challenging competition - by developing new technology for car navigation engines, as well as designing platforms and modules in areas such as car multimedia, car audio and home audio. The recently developed HDMI/DSP module is one of the main themes of J&K Technologies.

In designing the module, we used KENWOOD’s expertise on high-quality digital sound as well as JVC’s high-level image and digital processing technologies. The result is a unique blend of the transmission of high-resolution digital images and downloading of sounds, as well as high-density audio signal processing. By fusing the very high level of technological expertise both companies have to offer, we were able to develop a new AV Platform compatible with Blue-ray Discs. The AV Control Centre is a combination of the HDMI/DSP module and an amplifier with that legendary sound quality KENWOOD is famous for. The device can be used as a stereo system and for the reproduction of surround sound. KENWOOD will proudly exhibit and demonstrate the AV Control Centre at the IFA 2008 in Berlin, starting from the end of August. Subsequently, this product will be launched overseas and in Japan this autumn.
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