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May 30, 2008
KENWOOD wins first trial in lawsuit regarding copyright infringement in Taiwan
KENWOOD Corporation (President and CEO: Kazuo Shiohata; Head Office: Hachioji, Tokyo) hereby notifies you that the Company has won the first trial in the lawsuit regarding the artwork copyright infringement (copying of a printed circuit board). This lawsuit related to the Company’s wireless radio equipment, and was filed with the Taiwan Panchiao Local Court against Ham Radio Company Ltd.

In September 2004, KENWOOD determined that the wireless radio equipment made by China’s Shenzhen HYT Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “HYT Company”), “TC-268S/368S”, which was imported and sold by Ham Radio Company Ltd. had infringed the copyright of a four-layered printed circuit board that was used in the Company’s wireless radio equipment “TK-2107/3107.” We filed a complaint to the Taiwan Panchiao Local Court Summary Court, requesting that the sale of the copycat products be stopped and asking for a compensation payment in the amount of NT$200,000 with interest (equivalent to about ¥790,000).

Thereafter, the case was transferred from the Taiwan Panchiao Local Court Summary Court to the Taiwan Panchiao Local Court. After going through the necessary procedures, which included having the lawsuit appraised by experts, the court handed down a sentence totally in favor of KENWOOD, and ruled that the distribution of wireless radio transceivers made by HYT Company, which were the subject of the trial against Ham Radio Company Ltd. and its representative, be stopped, and ordering Ham Radio Company Ltd. to pay a fine exceeding NT$200,000. This ruling came in the verdict of the first trial held in February 2008.
The fact that a Taiwan court identified that the printed circuit board used in HYT Company’s “TC-268S/368S” was a copycat of KENWOOD’s printed circuit board, used in its wireless radio equipment “TK-2107/3107,” will have a major and restrictive effect on those companies that similarly manufacture and sell copycat products across the world, as well as in the Taiwanese market. KENWOOD will continue to make all-out efforts to eliminate the copycat products that are being distributed across the world.

KENWOOD is taking a firm stance in its confrontation of companies that produce counterfeit or imitation goods, by identifying them and accusation to the authority of the government or filing lawsuits. We will retain our basic stance of protecting consumers and the interest of the Company across the world, and continue to promote activities to eliminate infringement more strongly against these illicit companies and imitation product manufacturers, based on our intellectual property rights.
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