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February 27, 2008
Introduction of KENWOOD's Booth at IWCE 2008
KENWOOD exhibits radio communication equipments including Digital Land Mobile Radio equipments for both Public Safety and Business & Industry markets as well as Zetron’s mission-critical command and control systems.
    KENWOOD Corporation (President and CEO : Kazuo Shiohata, head office: Hachioji, Tokyo) is pleased to announce its participation in the world’s largest wireless technology exposition, IWCE (International Wireless Communications Expo) 2008, which will take place from February 27 to 29 in Las Vegas, USA.
    KENWOOD exhibits a range of radio communication equipments centering on Digital Land Mobile Radio equipments and radio communication systems which are expected to grow forward.
1. KENWOOD’s initiative and its concept for exhibition at IWCE 2008
      KENWOOD has engaged in the communications equipment business since its foundation by making the most of its high-frequency technologies, and grown into a company with the second largest global market share in the field of Land Mobile Radio equipment through its original technologies and advanced know-how.
    More recently, with its eyes on the digitalization of radio formats in the Land Mobile Radio, KENWOOD commercialized Digital Land Mobile Radio terminal based on P25, a digital radio format for the Public Safety market, including the U.S. police and fire stations. This was followed by launching the NEXEDGE™ series of Digital Land Mobile Radio equipment in December last year. This series is in compliance with the new digital format suitable for the Business & Industry (private sector) market in the North America.
    Further, in May 2007, KENWOOD acquired Zetron, Inc., a leading U.S.-based communications company. Then in October KENWOOD newly established the Communications System Division, in line with its growth strategy through expanding its business field from radio terminals to communication system solutions.

    At IWCE 2008, KENWOOD will exhibit a wide range of Digital Land Mobile Radio equipments including P25 terminals and the NEXEDGE™ series, as well as Zetron’s mission-critical command and control systems (console and controller) that form the core of turn-key systems, giving visitors a sense of how KENWOOD is committed to accommodating digitization and to expanding its products in communication system solutions.
    Furthermore, as this year coincides with KENWOOD’s 25th anniversary since its entry into the U.S. Land Mobile Radio equipment market, the newly created commemorative logo will be displayed, along with all the KENWOOD’s products to date, showcasing its history over the past 25 years.
2. Main products at the IWCE 2008 exposition
Digital Land Mobile Radio equipment
      Digital Land Mobile Radio terminals based on P25 for the Public Safety market, and the NEXEDGE™ series launched in December 2007 for the Business & Industry market in the North America will both be on display. Both products will realize the “secrecy of voice,” “noiseless communications” and “enhancement of data communications functions,” which are possible with the digital radio, but not with the analogue radio.
    While P25 is suited to the Public Safety market, where relatively large-scale system configuration is required, NEXEDGE™ may be optimum for the Business & Industry market, where small and midsize systems is mainstay, since the series makes it possible to construct new small and midsize systems easily and at low cost, as well as realizes an easy and low-cost shift from the existing analogue systems.
Total communication systems
      In addition to the mission-critical command and control systems (console and controllers) for total communication systems as Zetron’s main business, another system on display will be a total Digital Land Mobile Radio systems based on P25 for the Public Safety market, where KENWOOD’s P25 Digital Land Mobile Radio terminals are combined with base station infrastructure utilizing IP (Internet Protocol) network by EADS Secure Networks North America*.
*… EADS Secure Networks North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS North America, which is the North American operations of EADS, the leading European aerospace and defense company.
Exhibits commemorating KENWOOD's 25 years since first entering the US Land Mobile Radio equipment market
      This year marks the 25th anniversary of KENWOOD entering the US Land Mobile Radio equipment market in 1983. At IWCE 2008, the commemorative logo will be displayed at KENWOOD booth, along with the full range of Land Mobile Radio equipment tracing the 25 years of the Company’s history.

VHF/UHF Digital & FM Mobile Radios

Digital land radio equipment based on P25
VHF FM Conventional

Commemorative logo celebrating 25 years
in the U.S. Land Mobile Radio equipment market
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