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December 7, 2007
Home Electronics
New Product Announcement
KENWOOD launches slim and compact audio systems with USB terminals.
Due to the depth of only 18 cm these systems can be used anywhere,
matching the most sophisticated interior designs
KENWOOD Corporation (President and CEO: Kazuo Shiohata; Head Office: Hachioji, Tokyo) is pleased to present USB/CD/MD Compact System CLK-7i-S and USB/CD Compact System CLK-5i-S/W in mid December 2007.
These slim and compact units with a depth of only 18 cm can be used anywhere to match even the most sophisticated interior designs.
Product name Model number Recommended Retail Price
USB/CD/MD Compact System CLK-7i-S Open price
USB/CD Compact System CLK-5i-S/W
(S=silver; W=white)
Open price
Background and overview of the product
In the current home audio market, the potential buyers of stereo equipment tend to prefer slim compact designs enabling the equipment to be used anywhere and match any interior. With the widespread use of new digital media such as flash memory and HDDs, the number of consumers using DAPs1, such as iPod, is growing. These users share increasing interest to simplify the access to the music stored on a DAP in high sound quality both at home and outdoors.

Slim and compact units CLK-7i-S and CLK-5i-S/W with a depth of only 18cm can be placed anywhere. Moreover, the speakers can be removed from the main unit, which gives users more flexibility in choice where to enjoy music. This also provides an optimum listening position according to the conditions in the room.

The silver models feature an aluminum panel with hairline finish for the front side of the main unit, while the white models feature an aluminum panel with a white gloss coating. KENWOOD payed special attention to the elaborate design, material and texture of these units, which enables them to become part of any room.

The new systems have a USB terminal on the front side of the main unit giving possibility to connect USB mass storage devices2 including DAPs and USB memory. Thus, users can enjoy music stored on such devices in high sound quality by playing it through the new system's speakers.

The systems are also equipped with an iPod connection terminal. Having connected an iPod to the main unit with PNC-iP120 (a special cable, available as an optional extra to be launched soon), users can play music stored on an iPod, operating the CLK-7i-S, CLK-5i-S/W either directly or using remote controls. In order to preserve the unit's slim external design, these terminals are located behind the sealing door of the main unit's stand.

KENWOOD, as the sole specialized manufacturer of acoustic systems in the range of Home Electronics, Car Electronics and Communications Equipment (wireless radio equipment), is committed to open new frontiers in “sound entertainment”, to befit the digital and network age by developing a new environment for seamless entertainment, linking home audio systems, portable audio systems and car electronics through digital media.
Main features of CLK-7i-S and CLK-5i-S/W
1. Slim design with a depth of 18cm, enabling the units to be places anywhere.
2. USB terminal to connect DAPs and USB memory
3. iPod connection terminal
4. Slot-in CD/MD player (MD player available only in CLK-7i-S)
5. D.AUDIO IN terminal
6. Reproduction of compressed sound source on CD-R/CD-RW
1 Digital Audio Player
2 Mass Storage Class: Standard USB equipment that can be recognized by PCs (or equipment with a host function) as external storage device without using special drivers or application software.
KENWOOD Group is "Reaching out to discover, inspire and enhance the enjoyment of life" as part of its bold, new vision for the future. As a leader in the field of "Mobile & Home Multimedia Systems", KENWOOD is comprised of three businesses  (Car Electronics, Communications Equipment and Home Electronics), 11 domestic and 25 overseas subsidiaries around the world.
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