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October 24, 2007
Home Electronics
New Product Announcement
KENWOOD announces K1000 series models, featuring quality of
separate components, as Kseries compact hi-fi sound systems.
With the latest technologies and connectivity in the digital era, the new models thoroughly reproduce the original sound and recreate
the atmosphere of a concert hall or recording studio.
KENWOOD Corporation (President and CEO: Kazuo Shiohata, Head Office: Hachioji, Tokyo) will from late November start marketing its K1000 series models, the Sound Meister Edition that feature quality of separate components as the new models of the acoustic sound systems Kseries.
Product name Model number Recmmended Retail Price
(excluding tax)
Receiver R-K1000-N ¥55,650
CD Player DP-K1000-N ¥40,950
Speaker System LS-K1000 ¥55,650
Background and overview of the product
The acoustic sound systems Kseries are compact hi-fi systems that realize music with high sound quality. These systems have enjoyed a good reputation since their release in December 2004 especially among users who are particular about the quality of sound or well-versed in audio systems. At the end of last year KENWOOD released the Kseries Esule, which provides highly refined quality and reproduces the original sound with high fidelity. As a representative upscale audio component model, the Kseries Esule enhances KENWOOD's presence in the high-end audio system market.
  In the audio system market, meanwhile, there are emerging needs, due to the increase of computer use and the conversion to digital broadcasting, to not only recreate the high quality sound of CDs, but also respond to new digital media and ensure quality sound reproduction of media.
  Therefore, KENWOOD will start marketing the Sound Meister Edition K1000 Series models.  They recreate music with high sound quality, as has been done by the Company’s other models, and can respond to further changes in the world of digital media.
  The Sound Meister Edition K1000 Series includes models equipped with enhanced acoustic functionality to better reproduce the atmosphere of the concert hall or recording studio as well as reproducing the reality of sound.  The new-style models also satisfy the needs of customers who hope to use them in various layout designs, as the amplifier unit is separated from the CD player unit.
  For Integrated Amplifier R-K1000-N, new technologies are lavishly employed to allow users to enjoy sound systems in various ways.  They include “Full-Digital Processing”, which enables the powerful amplification of music signals by eliminating various types of acoustic interference; “Clear A Mode”, which ensures the reproduction of high quality sound even at low volume; and many input-output terminals, which expand connectivity with various AV equipments.  The DP-K1000-N CD Player has the enhanced ability to read musical signals to realize fine and minute sounds. The LS-K1000 Speaker excels at realizing music field and recreating music in a very expressive manner.
  KENWOOD will launch the K1000 Series models as products of its Sound Meister Edition, which was created by Sound Meisters, KENWOOD’s chief sound officers.  These experts meticulously studied every detail ranging from product design to parts selection in order to ensure reproduction of top quality sound.  While enhancing its Kseries product line, KENWOOD is set to pursue further reproduction that is true to the original sound, and to offer systems with beautiful, high quality sound and fascinating functionality in hopes of revitalizing the market.
Main features of R-K1000-N
1.  ”Full-Digital Processing“ enables signal amplification true to original music signals
2. “Supreme EX” translates various music files in library into beautiful music true to original sound
3. “Clear A Mode” ensures the better reproduction of minute music signals
4. Other features
Independent power supply circuit ensuring stable signal amplification
“AUTO ROOM EQ,” which recreates optimum music filed in any environment
Many highly expandable Input-Output terminals (3 analog input systems and four digital input systems)
Amplifier exclusively for headphones
Main features of DP-K1000-N
1.  “D.P.A.C.” (Digital Pulse Axis Control) circuit and high-performance D/A converter
2. Design that separates digital and analog circuits
3. High quality reproduction of AAC/MP3/WMA music recorded on CD-R/RW
Main features of LS-K1000
1.  Well-reverberated cabinet with newly-developed curved baffle board on all sides
2. Newly-developed woofer unit and soft dome tweeter
3. Serial system network
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