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November 22, 2006
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Press Release
KENWOOD newly launches "Kseries Esule", the high-end model of the acoustic sound system "Kseries"!
It reproduces sound faithful to the original sound, expressing the atmosphere and scenery of a concert hall.
KENWOOD Corporation (President and CEO: Haruo Kawahara, Head Office: Hachioji, Tokyo) announces the early-December launch of “Kseries Esule”, a product reflecting the harmony of KENWOOD’s accumulated technology and know-how with the latest technology. “Kseries Esule” is positioned as the high-end model of the acoustic sound system Kseries, sharing the same platform as the 60th anniversary “TRIO MODEL” and inheriting its highly advanced technology and style.
*TRIO MODEL (which was launched only in Japan)
Product name Model Number Recommended Retail Price
(excluding tax)
CD Receiver R-K1 ¥199,500 (¥190,000)
3-Way Speaker System LS-K1 ¥98,700 (¥94,000)
Background and overview of the product:
KENWOOD Corp. started business in 1946 dedicated to a concept of “reproduction of original sound.” Since then, KENWOOD has brought out various audio products that make the most of the company’s accumulated technologies for enhancing sound quality. These products have included two types of “Kseries Sound Meister Edition” system stereo, which came out at a time when prices were falling and were intended to revitalize the market for pure stereo systems. One appeared in December 2004 and the other came out in October 2005 in and to Japan market. In the production of Sound Meister Editions, the company’s Sound Meister, the title of the chief executive for sound, pays special attention to details from product design to selection of components with the aim of delivering the highest possible sound quality. “Reproduction of clear, high-quality sound faithful to the original sound,” which is the concept of the Sound Meister Editions, has appealed to users well versed in audio products such as those of the Baby Boomer generation who are particular about sound quality.
Meanwhile, with the appearance of digital audio players that use digital media as recording media, the age bracket of music listeners has expanded. Potential demand for “enjoying music with better sound readily” has become more evident and the market for high-end audio products is showing signs of reviving. KENWOOD recognizes that, in this environment, the high-end market is seeing the appearance of a growing cluster of users besides audiophiles. These new users seek high sound quality in a compact product that offers simple and straightforward to operation that separate components linked together cannot offer. A survey shows that users who purchase high-priced models that deliver especially good sound quality have many more CDs than users who purchase less costly systems. On the basis of this finding, KENWOOD has developed the “Kseries Esule”, which helps users get higher quality musical expression from their CD assets, while also being compact and easy to use.
The “Kseries Esule” consists of an R-K1 CD receiver and an LS-K1 speaker system. To ensure good reproduction from CDs, when used together with the 60th anniversary “TRIO MODEL” platform, and inheriting its supreme technology and style, the R-K1 CD receiver incorporates an array of technologies, including “Supreme EX”, the company’s proprietary sound quality enhancement technology; a high-precision D/A converter; a fully balanced circuit; and a differential three-stage discrete amplifier with an independent power supply. Its structure incorporates devices for suppressing interference, including an ambient light-blocking mechanism, and an independent substrate structure for more faithful sound reproduction. Although compact, the LS-K1 speaker system employs a three-way system that realizes the best performance from each unit so that the frequency response is smooth from the low to the high range. The 30mm-thick baffle and a separate cabinet also enhance sound characteristics.
By releasing the high-end product “Kseries Esule”, KENWOOD aims to strengthen the product line of “Kseries” and at the same time offer the “joy of listening to music,” music incorporating faithful sound reproduction that is realized by KENWOOD’s technology in reproducing clear high-quality sound.
* Sound Meister Edition: Products that were assembled under the direction of the Sound Meister, KENWOOD’s chief director of sound quality, with the Sound Meister’s involvement in minute details such as designing and parts selection to achieve supreme quality sound.
Message from the Sound Meister
To be faithful to the original sound.
In the world of audio manufacturers, where science, technology, and artistry blend, we, as technicians, endeavored to challenge the limit of sound quality by eliminating distortions and various types of signal interference.
"Esule" was born as a result of our attempts to seek pure sound for music.
Please listen carefully to the voices and instruments that you were previously never aware of.
Mitsuo Hagiwara, Sound Meister of KENWOOD
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